Zara Man Bag

5 Essentials For Your Daily Man Bag

Like a woman needs her handbag on a daily basis, a man needs his man bag. I would advise to keep the colour and tone neutral like the example featured above by Zara. Its sleek, oozes power and is available at a cost of £49.99 from For me a daily man bag is like being in a sweetshop, a variety of options to choose from but only the best ones get chosen. In a similar way, there are many items to put into a man bag but only the essentials should go in the bag. So what key items you must be thinking? There are many to choose from so just remember to keep it natural, neat and essential.

1. Leopard Print Wallet - by River Island

River Island Leopard Print Wallet

Lets start off with a wallet for your extra bit of change. Placing your wallet in your back pocket of your trousers can be quite uncomfortable. Placing it in your man bag is more practical and reduces the chances of it getting lost. Your wallet should speak personality - it can be as funky or simple as you like. This leopard print wallet from River Island catches your attention straight away and carries both your coins and credit cards. Available at a cost of £7.00 from

2. Cool Water Aftershave - by Davidoff

Davidoff Cool Water

It’s always a great idea to keep an aftershave or spray in your bag. This will keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day and remember a nice fresh smelling gentlemen will guarantee to attract the ladies! Cool Water by DavidDoff is a classic example and does exactly what it says on the bottle. Available at a cost of £59.99 (200ml) from

3. iPad Mini - by Apple

Ipad Mini

Its always a good idea to keep a pen and a diary in your bag in case an event comes up or you need to jot something down. Or the equivalent. There are many devices out there but it’s great to have a portable tablet in your man bag for those last minute reminders. Available at a cost of £319 from

4. Aviator Sunglasses - by Zara

Zara Sunglasses

Just in case the sun decides to make an appearance, you can never go wrong with a pair of aviators.  Try on a few different styles and colours to get an idea of what type of sunglasses best suit your face structure. Available at a cost of £22.99 from

5. Compact Umbrella - by Menkind

Menkind Umbrella

Last but not least is the vital compact umbrella as British weather cannot be trusted. Enough said. Available at a cost of £4.99 from

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