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5 moves to adopt Virat Kohli’s style

Being Virat Kohli, involves much more than leading the Indian Test team to victory and captaining the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the infamous IPL. Much of what the brand that Mr Kohli has become, is his style. It’s without a doubt, that cricketers are adored as much as football players are here in the UK, in the South Asian Continent. Similarly, it appears that Mr Kohli is building his name in to a brand, on and off the field, quite like a certain star who wore the number 7 for Manchester United FC not so long ago. His earnings are currently estimated at 10 crore rupees (£1.25m) a year, this puts him ahead of all his team mates including the much adored Sachin Tendulkar. Virat Kohli is very much a brand - he’s one of GQ India’s best dressed men and even has his own youth fashion label, WROGN. Cue, the fan-made term, ‘Kohlism.’ The best way to describe the ‘Kohlism’ style profile, would be confident casual chic. Never without a loud accessory. He’s all about the basics when it comes to tailoring. Basic tee, basic jean, not too many prints, and the accessories are everything. In the words of Mr Kohli himself, accessory options for men are limited to essentially sunglasses and watches, so go all out! Below are five style tips to remember when donning the Kohli profile:

1. Mirror Mirror

vbk-12-kohli_jpg_1682732g Who doesn’t love a good pair of mirrored aviators right? Think experimental with colours and classic with shape, there’s nothing Mr Kohli disagrees with more than choosing a style that doesn’t suit you. I couldn’t agree more. Wayfarers or Aviators - keep it simple.

2. Big hair don’t care

Yes! All the way. Think Brazilian footballers and very sharp finishes. And I mean that literally.

3. Shoe Envy

Virat Kohli at awards ceremony As a brand ambassador for Adidas and a host of other fashion brands and products, he has quite the style profile to protect. Especially when India’s cricket team is not short on personalities. What’s Kohli's secret? Serious shoe envy. High tops, basic sneakers and loafers, in all colours, and a different pair for each outfit. To best reflect Kohli’s style, your choice of shoe should either be a sneaker or a loafer that is at the forefront of shoe fashion. Think of the shoe as the ‘statement’ piece of the outfit, i.e. Yeezy for Adidas. No Nike Air Huaraches please.

4. Casual Chic

virat-kohli-fashion-wrogn-jacket In an interview describing his style cheats, Mr Kohli, described his personal style “as very chilled out and simple,” which he believes, “makes you even more stylish.” In real time fashion, this translates into basic tees in various colours with a great pair of jeans or chinos. His label WROGN, which is very similar to his personal style, targets the young male adult, who appreciates contemporary style but isn’t overburdened by ‘high-fashion’ so to speak.

5. Wear your confidence

For Mr Kohli, anybody short on self confidence is short on style. He describes his personal style as knowing what suits him and above all carrying whatever he wears with confidence. Choose the pieces you’re most comfortable with that you know you can pull off with confidence and style. If out of the box is out of your comfort zone, don’t venture out. Staying true to your personal style is Kohli’s mantra. Mine too.

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