Xmas Office Romance

50% of Men & Women Have Relationships With Work Colleagues

By Chayya Syal @c_syal  With the festive season in full swing comes the onset of, the anticipated or dreaded, office Christmas party. It’s the one event where we get to see our bosses let their hair down and Debbie from HR try her hand at karaoke. Ear plugs at the ready! We spend a whopping third of our lives at work, so it comes as no surprise to find out that the office is one of the key places to meet someone we find attractive, aka the 'Office Hottie'. From longing looks of lust to a secret harboured crush, there’s an element of excitement about an office affair. And it happens a lot more than we think. From a survey of 2,000 people, Flirt.com found that over 50% of men and women have had a physical relationship with a work colleague. They also found that 80% of people would prefer it. Why? For a start, you cut out that really awkward getting-to-know-someone phase because we spend so much time with our work colleagues. But having said that, the office Christmas party is not the best place to make a move on your office crush. Put that mistletoe away! Now! Flirt.com found that 62% of people surveyed said that the Christmas party was the worst time to confess your love to, or lust for, the 'Office Hottie'. Why? Well, firstly, there’ll be booze. Lots of booze. And with an abundance of alcohol, certain things tend to happen which we later cringe with embarrassment. Secondly, all of your work colleagues will be watching. Nearly three quarters of us want to keep an office romance secret until we've established it as a serious relationship. Boozy Xmas Party Blunders We’ve all had our fair share of the weird and wonderful adventures that happen once alcohol enters our system. Sometimes these make for great stories to laugh at in hindsight or go into permanent hibernation. Whether alcohol brings out your inner stripper or makes you want to travel to the moon, a survey by Redemption in last Friday's Metro newspaper, found that after an office Christmas party:
  • 20% have ‘sexted’ someone they shouldn’t have.
  • 15% have cheated on a partner.
  • 10% have posted something on Facebook and regretted it. (We’ve all been there!)
  • 10% admitted to sleeping with a work colleague.
  • 5% admitted to having a fling with their boss.
And my favourite;
  • 12% have woken up somewhere they didn’t know.
Fifty Shades of Shots Tequila? Sambuca? Vodka? Or perhaps a dose of your deepest fantasies? At some point, we’ve had a fantasy about someone we work with. After all, life in the office can become incredibly dull and tedious, so a bit of eye candy does make coming into work a bit more bearable. In fact, three quarters of us have admitted to fantasising about a work colleague. Whether these fantasies actually happen or remain as naughty thoughts is another matter. According to Flirt.com the biggest turn on for women is having a crush on their boss. On the other hand, over 50% of men would rather have a fling with an office junior. 73% of women in the survey admitted that they would prefer to have a fling with someone more senior than them. Nearly 80% of men said they loved it when women dress sexily at work. In addition, 61% of women also said that they found a man in a position of power more attractive. Perhaps there is something alluring about men in suits and women in heels and pencil skirts. This wouldn’t have anything to do with Fifty Shades of Grey ...no ...no, no not at all. So whilst the Christmas work party isn’t the greatest place for you to breathlessly proclaim your love, it’s worth a shot (if you’ll pardon the pun) to follow cupid’s arrow into the New Year.

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