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6 Asian men with beards we love

For the past couple of years beards have been a huge trend. Women love caressing them and us men love growing our whiskers to prove to the world just how masculine we are. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that there’s not a more satisfying feeling than mocking that one friend who can’t grown a proper beard whilst you twiddle with your own, and if you don’t agree with me then chances are you probably are that friend. Admittedly in recent months I found the whole beard trend somewhat tiresome and ended up pulling out the garden shears to take my beard down to a 5 o’clock shadow I sported circa 2013. As you can imagine it was a decision was I quickly regretted- especially after coming across these refreshing takes on facial hair. Needless to say I’ve ended up regrowing my beard following inspiration from the 6 Asian men below who give me serious beard envy.

Nitin Passi

Nitin Passi's Beard

Nitin Passi - Founder and CEO of Missguided

Founder and CEO of women’s fashion retailer Missguided, Manchester-based Nitin, works and parties with the likes of Nicole Scherzinger so it’s a given that his grooming is essential to him. Patchy in areas and just a typical few millimetres in length many would say he has the average beard - however it’s the maintenance of his beard that steps it up another level. His edges are exceptionally sharp and precise, likely to be the result of a hot towel/cut throat shave, and I feel that this is where so many of us men go wrong. Too often I see men, myself included letting our beard game slip by letting the edge hairs regrow in-between shaves rather than keeping them consistently at bay.

Owais Khan

Owais Khan's Beard

Owais Khan, Desi Rascals

He’s been hailed the Asian David Beckham since appearing on our screens in Desi Rascals earlier this year and I have to say the resemblance is uncanny. Just like Becks, Owais has that slicked back, dapper look to him but the thing that made his beard stand out to me was that he uses the lack of hair growth around the sides of his mouth to his advantage. By leaving the area around his mouth clean-shaven and growing the rest thick and full he avoids having his face consumed and overwhelmed by facial hair.

DJ Manny

DJ Manny's beard

DJ Manny, Kudos Music

In all honesty if I didn’t get stopped at airport security as much as I do, I’d probably sport a beard like DJ Manny's of Kudos Music. Okay, I’m lying. I could only dream of being able to grow a beard to the length of Manny's - let alone being able to pull it off! His beard gives him that real British gentlemanly edge that so many try (and fail) to channel, yet he seems to do it so effortlessly.

Abbas Jafri

Abbas Jafri's beard

Abbas Jafri, model

Double time winner of the Lux Style Awards for Model of the Year, former cricketer, Abbas, has gained a lot of attention here in the UK since being the face of Ziggi Menswear’s 2015 campaign. His unconvetional and hobo inspired look - something rarely sported by Asian men is extremely refreshing and no doubt it’s this that caused him to become one of the most in demand Asian male models.

Suren Senevirante

Suren Senevirante's beard

Suren Senevirante, My Panda Shall Fly

Just like Abbas, London based model and music artist, Suren presents himself in a very unique and eccentric fashion. Comparing the two of them I would say Abbas has a slightly preened finish, whereas Suren has a young and free spirited edge to him. I’d definitely say that there’s very few people who could pull off a beard like Suren's, especially since its quite squaggly and almost has a mind of its own. Check out his some music here - My Panda Shall Fly.

Prathamesh Maulingker

Prathamesh Maulingker's beard

Prathamesh Maulingker, Indian footballer

Prathamesh - the 24 year old, centre-back for Goan football team Dempo Sports Club - has what I consider the ideal beard length for practicality measures. It’s long enough to show off your masculinity and curb your urge to grow your beard to a decent length, without requiring a lot of maintenance. I also think it ticks both the smart and professional box as well as still keeping that stylish, ruggedness to it. Follow him on Instagram here.

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