A Day To Remember

It was my civil wedding two years back and for some reason the whole experience was more overwhelming than the religious wedding that we had a month later. Caught up in the whole enormity of the situation I had made my first blooper of the day – wearing a pair of mismatching socks, which I hoped no one would notice. Then, just as I made way for my fiancé to walk in, I stumbled like a complete muppet and clipped my mate’s wife with my elbow resulting in a nasty bruise on her forehead for the remainder of the day. They expertly managed to edit this out from the DVD but my final blooper, during the exchange of vows in which I pronounce my own name incorrectly, is still there for everyone to enjoy. Nadeem, Bristol _________________________________________________________________ Hi  Nadeem, We're very glad to see that actually made through your wedding day in one piece. Your Entouraaj mug is on it's way and, you'll be glad to hear, that you currently hold the record for the number of wedding day hiccups any groom has experienced! Entouraaj

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