Stag party

A Different Sort Of Crowd

I was invited to stag do a couple of months back by a mate from work. Being the only other guy from work attending, I fully expected to not know anyone when I got to the bar. I saw my mate (the stag) dressed up in drag surrounded by about 20 mates who were making him do shots and stupid dares. Meanwhile I hung out at the bar with a few of his mates, knocking back a couple of fresh ones for about two hours, getting on pretty well with everyone. It was only when I got I call from my mate (the stag) to let me know that they were moving on somewhere else did I realise that I was with the another stag party the whole time! Hilarious.They were more fun too. ___________________________________________________________ Hi Raju, Why do random people you meet at the bar always end up being the best company on nights out? You'll be glad to hear that you are the worthy recipient of this week's Entouraaj Man Cup! Entouraaj

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