Africa Fashion Week London: 2014 Highlights

The beginning of August saw the UK's most cultural fashion week at London’s Olympia. Displaying an array of diverse ethnic influences from emerging designers; who incorporated African heritage into modern contemporary designs, proved to be an absolute fashion hit! Designers including Koko Fashion and Touch of Africa featured various bold prints that bought more life and energy into otherwise basic pieces.

Touch of Africa

Showcasing bold and versatile prints, Touch of Africa bought a range of versatile African prints through high-end fashion designs. The piece below infuses African heritage; the traditional bold orange fabric makes this a statement piece and the addition of the tribal print adds a dimension and depth. By accessorising with a tribal necklace we are reminded of the origins of this piece.


Koko Fashion

Koko Fashion showcased more day-to-day casual wear such as the Dashiki shirt which is widely worn in West Africa. Dashikis greatly resemble traditional Asian kurta tops and can be worn by formally and informally. The plain white Dashiki was brought to life with bold ethnic prints on the cuff and shoulder. This is definitely a piece which can be taken straight off the catwalk and worn - especially during these summer months. You could team it with a pair of black or white shorts, trousers or even denim jeans.


Porjai Thai Printer

Featuring African prints on Thai fabrics, whilst incorporating western clothes is what really made Porjai Thai Printers collection stand out. Though the prints were of traditional African origin, there was a very modern feel across the collection and proved to be a collection, like Koko Fashion, that could easily be taken straight off the catwalk and worn on the street or to an evening out. AFWLondon3


A collection that subtly incorporated ethnic prints into everyday wear. Fareemah showed us exactly why monochrome has been bang on trend months. The outfit below displays the perfect way to wear a monochrome look during the summer months or whilst on a beach holiday.


Alabai Couture

The animal print of this collection had a Roberto Cavalli feel to it - of course the animal print is deeply connected to African history but I also thought it had a very modern twist to it. The robe speaks a thousand words, it’s very loud, but what is most appealing about this piece is that the subtle strips of print throughout  the trousers and also on the trouser ties toned the busyness of the robe down to make it a lot more wearable. AFWLondon5

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