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An Untimely Guff

I was at a Sikh wedding recently, which was fun and well organised but I didn’t expect to enjoy myself quite as much as I did.  After we had entered the ceremony room, as is normal, we all sat on the floor cross-legged, for those of us who could manage it. The actual wedding was over very quickly, but as is sometimes the custom, there was a speaker at the end of the proceedings who wanted to share his thoughts about how important it is for the younger generation to express their faith. At this point, most of us were getting frustrated and wanted to leave to stretch our legs. Then all of a sudden, during a pause in his presentation, there was the unmistakeable sound of someone ‘letting one rip’ at the back of the room. It was hilarious. Unfortunately for the speaker, none of us in the vicinity of the ‘culprit’ were mature enough to hold our laughter in, and ended up having to leave the room sniggering like school children. As the three of us walked out, ashamed at our inability to show self restraint as twenty-something adults, we couldn’t help but glance over at the ‘culprit’ who appeared to be an elderly man. Catching his eye on the way out, had us all in pieces all over again. Good times. Vish, Birmingham                                                                                                                                              Hi Vish,  Great story – why are fart jokes still the best? As is customary, we are rightfully awarding this the ‘Funny Story of the Month’.  Your Entouraaj Man Cup is on its way over to you to sit in the trophy cabinet alongside your other awards or simply to enjoy a nice cup of chai out of. Entouraaj

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