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Anish Bhatt of WatchAnish: I see my watch as art

For many, the world's largest watch fair that took place last month, Baselworld is the annual highlight in their work calendar. For a lucky few however, it is not only the highlight in their work calendar, but their social calendar too. I can think of no better ambassador of those lucky few than Anish Bhatt, founder of the blog and world-renowned Instagram page WatchAnish. Anish has turned his passion for collecting watches into a successful multinational business that now affords him the luxury of travelling all over the world attending new watch launches and press events. He has become a leading authority within what was previously a conservative and fairly closed fine watches industry and is inspiring a new generation of enthusiasts through his millions of followers across the globe. I caught up with the highly charismatic 34-year-old to talk about his unique sense of style, the luxury watch market and why there's nothing wrong with people buying a Ferrari because of the status it gives them.

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Our favourite Anish quotes from the interview

"I lit a cigar from the exhaust of an [Lamborghini] Aventador".

"I didn't want it to be like a vanity project... I didn't want it to be just about me".

"[in reference to his wife] I have more clothes than her. I have more shoes than her. I have more bags than her".

"If I want to tell the time, I look at my phone".

"[in reference to his watch] I see it more as a piece of mechanical art".

"People want to celebrate the success they have and with fashion its very much the same".

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Anish Bhatt - WatchAnish

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