Asian Men’s Hair

Asian men’s hair: Make your hair type work for you

Asian men’s hair can vary from fine and silken to thick and curly. Use this guide to steer you in the right direction for getting the best out of styling your hair, whatever its type. We have all, at some point or another, admired the hair of a friend, a celebrity, or of someone we have seen through social media, and trotted off to our barber with high hopes and a picture to aspire to, only to be less than enthusiastic about the end result. Sometimes, it just never looks the same, does not seem to sit as well, or cannot be recreated after the hair has been washed. Fret not. Do not question the skills of your barber, nor your inexperienced fingertips. Blame it on your hair. We have all been born with a specific hair type: some with fine, silken tresses, others with waves or curls, and some still with a thick and generous thatch that, under no circumstances, will bow down to our whims and desires. This is when we must work with our hair, rather than against it, to achieve the best look.


Styling guide for men with fine, straight hair

Styling guide for men with fine, straight hair

This type of hair is arguably the most versatile of all in terms of styling; silky, flowing locks can be manipulated in almost any way. Hair can be neatly parted to the side and combed into place, or even allowed to fall to the side of the face for that devil-may-care air of understated sophistication. This type of hair also works best with the most popular trend of the year, the slick back. The Problem The drawback to fine, straight hair is keeping it securely in place as this type of hair has a tendency to drop or become unruly under the lightest of breezes. The Solution To keep fine hair under control, it is always a good idea to set a solid foundation by starting with a water-based pomade on towel-dried hair, such as Teddy Boy Original Styling Pomade with its use of such natural ingredients as carnauba wax, coconut oil, and vitamin E. Oil-based products can be too heavy and will make fine hair look more greasy and limp as opposed to slick and voluminous. Hair can then be blow-dried and styled into shape with a comb before a final spritz of hairspray to set the desired style. This method of styling will give body and volume to fine hair, making it appear thicker, and giving you more control of your hairstyle. Recommended Products Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Teddy Boy Original Styling Pomade


Styling guide for men with wavy, curly hair

Styling guide for men with wavy, curly hair

More so than fine hair, our genes have blessed a substantial number of us with a mane of wavy or slightly curled hair. We would curse the day back in the 90’s as we slathered half a tub full of hair gel onto our heads to achieve the smooth, middle-parted curtains so de rigueur at the time. Not anymore! Never have wavy locks been more in style than now. The Problem Wavy and curly hair does have the tendency to appear frizzy, especially in humid conditions or when it is towel dried after a shower. Some people may also find it difficult to find a suitable hairstyle, especially when trends are more inclined to cater for those with straight hair. The Solution  It is important to keep wavy and curly hair moisturised by applying and massaging some organic coconut oil into the scalp at least twice a week before showering. If the idea of oil application does not appeal to you then moisturising botanical shampoos and conditioners, those that are rich with natural oils and plant extracts, should do the trick. Silicone-based shampoos and conditioners only work superficially, coating the hair and preventing moisture and proteins from penetrating the hair shaft. Clean, tapered back and sides can be completed with a slicked back, wavy mop on top, or even a distinctive forward fringe, by simply running a medium hold, matte product with your fingers through your hair. For extra texture, volume, and that all important matte finish, a good quality salt spray is just the ticket, followed by a quick blast with the hairdryer, or even the use of a diffuser attachment for those that want to achieve the wavy, tousled look but have not been naturally blessed. Recommended Products Phyto Phytojoba Shampoo Phyto Phytobaume Conditioner Murdock’s Sea Salt Styling Spray

men with THICK, DRY HAIR

Styling guide for men with thick, dry hair

Styling guide for men with thick, dry hair

Asians, both men and women, are widely known for their luxuriously thick hair. But in today’s age of hard water and pollution, coupled with a lack of proper hair care knowledge, our hair tends to dry out and become dull and damaged. Thick hair can also be the most difficult to style, preferring to resolutely remain in that bed head state; a tail sticking out at the back, a determined parting your pillow gave you where no parting should be. The Problem Dry, thick hair can often feel and appear straw-like, making it difficult to style and manage. Thicker hair also requires stronger products to keep a desired hairstyle in place, preventing it from falling back at odds with the intended look, back to the way it had set when you got out of bed. The Solution In order to maintain thick hair and prevent it from drying out, oil application is a must. Not only will it keep the hair healthy, protecting it and keeping it moisturised, but regular head massage will also stimulate the hair follicles, ensuring that your hair remains thick and youthful for years to come. Hydrating hair care should be your first port of call, and intelligent shampoos can be considered for frequent use in order to maintain the scalp’s ecosystem, cleansing and detoxifying the hair from daily pollutants. It is probably a good idea to shower in the mornings, or to at least wet the hair in order to make it more manageable to style. A good quality, moisturising pomade such as R+Co’s Aircraft Pomade Mousse, with strengthening vegetable protein and protecting neem oil can be applied to damp hair from root to tip. Hair can then be styled into place using a hairdryer and a round brush and given a light once over with a strong hold hairspray, if desired, to keep everything in order. Recommended Products Weleda Oat Replenishing Hair Care R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse Use these tips to make your hair the envy of friends and colleagues (it will be your pictures they will be taking to their barbers) but also to keep your hair looking and feeling its best without having to fight with what you were naturally born with.

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