Asian fusion wear

Asian Fusion Menswear

By Saran Kohli What is ethnic fusion? Is it bold colours, unusual cuts and use of over-elaborate fabrics? In simple terms, Asian fusion menswear is the perfect balance between eastern influences with western cuts and silhouettes. It’s a midway dress-style option that keeps all the classic elements intact for your big day. Be it the wedding ceremony, reception or registry, Asian fusion is a unique way to experiment with new colours and cuts, which do not fall under the traditional sense of dressing. The cuts There are no limitations to cuts within fusion wear as it’s heavily based on western patterns. For instance, a three-piece suit is a great choice for the reception. It allows you layers of dressing with a blazer and waistcoat, adding a tie or cravat to complement your bride’s outfit. The ensemble above is a slightly more illustrative example of Asian fusion, with use of brocade as a base fabric combined with embroidery. Accessories In terms of accessories you’re not just limited to turbans and stoles. Various accessories such as ties, cravats, pocket squares and short stoles around the neck can all be incorporated. As well as traditional Indian footwear, grooms have the option to go with formal shoes to complete the look. Also, if you’re not a big fan of embroidery, brooches are a great way to add subtle bling and can be matched with the bride’s colour scheme. Fabrics Brocades, raw silks and regular silks have always been popular fabric choices with traditional grooms wear. With fusion cuts, however, grooms have varied options including linens and lightweight fabrics for more ‘wear-ability’. This allows the outfit to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Fusion wear is particularly ideal for Asian weddings, allowing the groom to change into a more modern yet classic look following the religious ceremony. Overall, Asian fusion menswear is a more reassuring choice for the grooms who aren’t comfortable going fully traditional, opting instead to keep within their comfort zone. Best of all, this is a choice the groom can make with confidence all by himself!  

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