The best Asian street style from London Collections: Men SS16

When London Collections: Men kicks off – it’s time for stylish guys to seriously amp up their game. Which makes street style spotting around the capital a lot more fun. Reflecting all the innovative work being shown off on the runways and studios, here are 6 of the most stylish Asian guys doing their fashion thing. Read on to get some major style inspiration – and don’t forget to check out their Instagram pages too, for even more drool-worthy inspo shots!

Rashpal Amrit - Making camo street-smart

Rashpal Amrit - London Collections SS16

Rashpal Amrit - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Camo print is nothing new or special on anyone’s radar. It’s been around so long, and in so many forms, that it barely warrants a yawn. But Rashpal’s sleek, fitted blazer jacket made me double back. The perfect blend of urban edge and tailored polish – which makes sense seeing as Rashpal is a graphic designer/photographer in his daily life. Check out his Instagram for more urban swag. And if you’re feeling tantalised by the camo tailoring look, swoop up this gem from Paul Smith.

Saad Wadia - All about the accessories

Saad Wadia - London Collections SS16

Saad Wadia - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Ok, so Saad Wadia knows fashion. I don’t need to list his credentials to convince you of his style-savvy status here. So let’s just have a collective nod of appreciation for his awesome clear acrylic sunglasses frames. Totally on trend for summer – and a brilliantly subtle way of elevating a look. You can nab a pair from your friendly neighbourhood Topman store – or online.

Billy Ahmed - The Devil is in the details

Billy Ahmed - London Collections SS16

Billy Ahmed - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Billy Ahmed, you made my heart stop for a second. Seriously, the level of attention to detail at play here is beyond impressive. It takes an impeccable level of skill to gather together so much subtle nuance, and make it seem seamless – even effortless. If you’re getting major style envy looking at him, then invest in a proper grooming kit. And get down to your nearest tie department.

Taj Hayer - Playing it cool

Taj Hayer - London Collections: Men SS16

Taj Hayer - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Showing that you can look just as incredible with a contemporary finish, Taj Hayer of The Rakish Gent was there to demonstrate brilliantly just how powerful a well-fitting suit can be. If by now you haven’t already invested in a suit that actually fits and works for your body, then you need to fix that – pronto. Then go and steal Taj’s tie. You’ve got to admit – it’s kind of stellar.

Syed Imran - Freshening up street style

Syed Imran - London Collections: Men SS16

Syed Imran - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Showing that stylish menswear doesn’t have to be all about impeccable moustaches and blazers – there was Syed Imran. You can almost never go wrong with reclaimed army jackets – throw on a handful of well-chosen accessories, keeping the base neutral and unobtrusive. I loved the contrast between the tough camo jacket and a delicate Hamsa pendant, with a thin vintage tee underneath.

Saran Kohli - Balance flair and flamboyance

Saran Kohli - London Collections: Men SS16

Saran Kohli - London Collections: Men SS16 | Photography by RKZ

Last but never least – Mr Saran Kohli – the designer, dancer, and all round style superstar. He had it all down. Brilliant accessories. Great grooming. But most of all, I loved the juicy zest of colour that brought together his look completely – weaving his graphic printed blazer into a cohesive and urbane overall statement. He also shows that you don’t need to stick to “safe” black and blues – expand your horizons, people!

Photography by RKZ - Instagram / Twitter. For more images see the gallery below.

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