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Asian Wedding Sherwani

By Saran Kohli ‘I want to look perfect and feel like a million bucks!’ That’s usually the thought on our minds when we’re looking to invest in an outfit for a special occasion. Yet many guys find it hard to get the right clothes for their size and shape, making it difficult to dress well and look good as we want to. A well groomed man will always find himself comfortable and at ease... and you should feel good in your clothes regardless of what the occasion is. Great dressing comes with being aware of exactly what looks good on your specific body shape. So identify your own body shape below and take heed of the pointers designed to help you pick the ideal sherwani for your physique. Tall & slim build Dos
  • Heavily embroidered sherwanis will suit and complement your height and show off the traditional work.
  • Wear full length (down to the calf) sherwanis which will match the weight of the jacket as well as making the hips slightly wider. This gives an overall fuller look.
  • Always wear a kurta underneath the sherwani to prevent the legs from looking overly slim. Also, add a knee drape feature which helps while sitting down.
  • Incorporating a shawl or stole will always add advantage as it will flow and drape very well with the height.
  • Adding vents to the back of the sherwani will also hold its shape, especially if you are very slim at the waist and hips.
  • Avoid wearing fully slim fitted sherwanis which will make you look taller and stick-like.
  • Don’t choose open panel (buttonless) sherwanis as they will bulk around the waist and hips, giving an untidy appearance.
Short Dos
  • Keep your length just at the tip of the knee, if you’re wearing churidhars, or go short - half way between your hips and knees.
  • Always wear trousers. This is help you look taller and slim.
  • Keep the height of jacket collar a maximum of two inches in order to enhance your neck line and add slight height. Anymore will make you look as if you're drowning in your outfit.
  • When it comes to embroidery, keep it around the neck, chest and shoulders. It will focus people’s eyes to your face and chest rather than your height.
  • A low V-neck cut sherwani jacket will complement the straight line of your body. A nice medium ruffled cravat will also enhance the neck area.
  • Keep the width of your sleeves slim and not baggy to prevent them hanging off your shoulders.
  • Never wear full length sherwanis, kurtas or nehrus as they will make you look shorter.
  • Avoid large motif embroideries as they will overpower you.
  • Avoid straight or loose trousers.
Heavy build Dos
  • An open panel sherwani with a kurta underneath will create a straight line, concealing the waist and hip area. Even a lightly embroidered sherwani with a printed or embroidered kurta inside will add distraction and bring focus to your upper body.
  • Keep the length just at the knee and wear churidhars which will help give you a slim silhouette.
  • Asymmetrical embroidery around the neck, chest and shoulders will enhance the shape of the jacket and draw attention to your top half.
  • If you have a wide or heavy neck, wear high necks which will help define the neckline.
  • A sleeveless nehru waistcoat paired with a knee length loose kurta will enhance the upper body and create a loose silhouette around the hips and arms. This has a slimming effect.
  • Printed kurtas or kurtas with embroidery on the shoulders, neck, chest and sleeves would be a very good, elegant alternative.
  • Don’t wear loose or broad sherwanis as it won’t do your physique any justice.
  • Bold embroidery is good but oversized motifs will make you look bigger.
  • Avoid loud colours.
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