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Assado Restaurant Waterloo London – Review

Best for a quiet meal out with the family
157 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XA 020 7870 3747 Menu | Twitter Facebook Celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala's new fusion restaurant has a relaxing vibe despite being located in one of London's busiest areas. Assado, a five-minute walk from Waterloo station, has swanky leather seated booths, a fresh wood interior and a spacious feel. As for the food, it pays homage to Portuguese, Brazilian and Indian cuisine.

Halal Indian Restaurant London

The chicken and lamb is halal while there are some impressive vegetarian dishes. This is Cyrus's third restaurant in the capital and like the others, it offers a bit of everything for those with conventional and adventurous taste buds.

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Indian Cuisine London


For vegetarians, the beetroot puff pastry is samosa-like and bursting with flavour. The pastry was well done, it crumbles nicely and the beetroot melts in your mouth. It is also bursting with flavour as it is crammed with a mix of vegetables. The chargrilled chicken cafreal is filling, well done and reminded me of an American sandwich, although it is fairly small in size. The cafreal is part of the all day dining dishes which include chicken peri peri. The blob of cold octopus, a new edition to the menu, is not like octopus per se as it has a spicy twist with a more meaty texture. There are even signature sharer dishes to choose from like salt cod croquette and beef croquette.


The lamb xacuti Goan curry, which has 21 different ingredients including a hint of coconut, is well done and has a slight tangy taste. The orange coloured prawn Goan curry is also spicy with humongous green chillies and has a nice distinctive creamy taste. Other options include the okra and courgette curry, the ravioli with tomato and pesto and Cyrus's take on the classic fish and chips. More meatier mains on the menu are the Bombay beef burger and the chicken caldeen breast.


The nutty flavoured Indian pancake, called bebinca, with cardamom ice-cream and a rich raspberry coulis sauce is a nice combination especially for winter. It was a generous portion and goes well with the use of grated coconut. Other options include the mango coconut cheese cake and ice creams.


Starters are up to £5, mains £10-15, chef specials £12.95, and desserts around £6.
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Assado Restaurant Waterloo London

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