Autumn knitwear at Burton Menswear

You can’t help but have noticed that its suddenly turned cold. You may be trying to avoid donning your winter coat as much as possible, but we think that its time that you dust it off and save your shivers. Autumn is the season in which we see a huge range of men’s knitwear hit the stores. This season, some of the strongest knitwear on offer comes from Burton Menswear. The high street brand has a range to suit all needs. In our opinion knitwear needs to serve three purposes – i) keep you warm, ii) look stylish and iii) not be too restrictive or heavy and easy to be layered. There are a whole host of pieces within the collection that do all of these things, so here’s a closer look at what we think are the strongest knitwear in Burton’s autumn/ winter 2016 collection.

Knitted jumper

unspecified-3 This is perfect for the in between season time. Basically when its too warm or too cold to dress a particular way, meet in the middle with items like this short sleeve knitted jumper. The colour is pretty awesome too.

Crew neck

unspecified-4 The crew neck jumper is something of a menswear staple. Made popular as a sweatshirt style jumper for American Ivy Leaguer’s its an incredibly versatile piece of knitwear that works well dressed up or down (like with a smart shirt under it).

Textured knitwear

br27t04jnat_zoom_f_1 If you are looking for something a little different from your knitwear this season, invest in textured pieces. They add a certain quality, come padded for extra heat and comfort and are perfect with relaxed joggers. unspecified-5

Roll necks

br27o03jgrn_zoom_m_1 These are the writers favourite knitwear ever. Simple, clean, modern and elegant they are a wonderful alternative to a shirt under a suit jacket this autumn. The colour makes this particular piece a real stand out.

Knitted shirts

br27t17jred_zoom_f_1 If you are struggling to give up the shirt, here’s a good compromise for you. These pieces have all of the features of a shirt with short sleeves and buttons, but with premium knitwear to keep you warm. Shop our picks and more at Burton Menswear. unspecified What do you think of our picks? Tweet Taj. For more menswear check out the following:

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