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Best Man Dilemma

Hi Entouraaj, I’ll be getting married at the end of the year and can’t decide who to have as my best man – my younger brother or one of my two best mates. Can you lend me your advice please? -Amit, Bradford Hi Amit, let’s see what we can do to help. The main responsibilities for the best man nowadays involve planning the stag do, chaperoning you on the big day, protecting your shoes from getting stolen (by the bride’s side), and helping you to keep your sanity during the entire wedding process! If one person is a clear favourite for each of these tasks, perhaps the choice is an obvious one, but do not overlook the need to involve those close to you within the wedding. Weddings can be an emotional time for everyone, not just the bride and groom. Alternatively, you can bestow the honour of making each person responsible for a specific task. It is not uncommon for the groom to nominate more than one best man these days, it’s not the tradition, but then again who makes the rules anyway?! I hope this has helped with your dilemma but if still in doubt we have a very good article on how to select your best man which is well worth a read. Good Luck.

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