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Blue Harbour Spa Chelsea: Review

Best for city workers constantly on the go
Set along the Chelsea Harbour, just minutes from Chelsea’s infamous Kings Road, it seems that the Blue Harbour Spa is in another world. The thick, smoggy air of the city no longer lingers and the constant collision with Londoners in a rat race is no more. Once I had arrived and was dressed in my soft white gown and slippers I was led to the relaxation room - a dimly lit room with soft lounging chairs. As I lay accompanied by my calming cranberry tea and the relaxing scents of candles around me, I couldn’t help but sigh in relief and comfort; before being introduced to my therapist for the day, Louise Coles.
there was heavy focus on my problem areas
With 25 years experience Louise had me stand with my back to her- and just by the way I was standing she diagnosed two problems within seconds. Firstly she could tell that I had problems with my lower back - something I’ve battled with for years; and secondly due to bad posture (all those days slouching over my desk) she could see I also had an issue with my shoulders. Knowing I was about to have my problematic back fiddled around with, it was reassuring to know that Louise knew exactly what she was doing. Millennium Chelsea Harbour Hotel

M-A-N Menu

Opting for treatments off their new M-A-N Menu I started off with the foot massage. Having walked along the busy streets of Central London all morning, running between trains from one tube platform to the other, there was no better time for my feet and calves to be given some TLC.
from start to finish I was extremely impressed
As a reflexologist, Louise also focused on the specific points of my feet to improve the health of specific organs be it my kidney or liver. Once this was done she then massaged my calves as she said it would not only relax me, but also help heal my legs as it would help increase the blood flow to my muscles, thus speeding up the natural healing time. I then opted for the hour long de-stress massage which sent me into a euphoria of relaxation. The massage got every minute knot out of my back and relieved my tense and tired muscles; not just through massage, but also through stretching and deep breathing exercises. There was heavy focus on my problem areas. This included extra attention and care to my vertebral column and intercostal muscles, which I was told had been sent in to spasm as an impact of slouching over my desk when busy working. Millennium Chelsea Harbour Hotel

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel Spa

Once I had finished my treatments I then spent the rest of my afternoon with a relaxing swim in their 17-metre pool followed by a steam and sauna before re-fuelling with some fresh fruit. From start to finish I was extremely impressed with the Blue Harbour Spa, I never thought it would be possible to unwind and feel so relaxed in such a busy city, but much to my delight I’d been proven wrong. Not only did the treatments relax and de-stress me, I also learnt why I was experiencing specific aches and pains - something previous treatments had never enlightened me to. The M-A-N Menu is priced at just £99 with several different treatments to choose from. With the busy Christmas period quickly approaching there’s no better time to book yourself in for a day of pure relaxation.
For more information and bookings please visit: www.blueharbourspa.co.uk
Millennium Chelsea Harbour Hotel

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