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Ever wanted to dress like David Gandy or envied Versace’s sartorial wit but just couldn’t afford it? Well dressing high end doesn’t mean spending high end for Tejeshwar Sandhoo, founder of the blog Blueberry Blackout. Based in India, Blueberry Blackout is perfect for the average man looking for style inspiration. “In India, there aren’t many brands which offer fashionable options at affordable prices. So mostly, men end up getting bespoke tailoring done, which can be quite convenient if you know where to go,” Tejeshwar tells me. But for Tejeshwar, the most important part of style is being unique; “most of the time I end up getting my clothes made. That’s the best way to stand out and ensure you’ve established your own sense of style.”
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A hot spot for burgeoning ethnic fashion, India is fast becoming popular for churning out designers specifying in Indian-wear. But 24-year old Tejeshwar realised that fashion in the streets had become somewhat stilted. “I always felt that men in India are more or less dressing up in the same way,” he explains. “ So, since there is a lack of stylish yet affordable clothing options for men in India, my blog is an attempt to give men a few tips on dressing better without spending a lot and most importantly, without being too monotonous.”
metrosexuality has changed the way Indian men dress and groom themselves
Monotony is something that definitely doesn’t feature in Blueberry Blackout. As I scroll down the first few posts, a variety of tapered trousers, short-sleeved shirts, printed t-shirts, trainers and even sensible gold shoes peer back at me. Deviating from the norm of featuring solely formal wear, variety is key for Blueberry Blackout, and why not? “Most men have the aesthetic of matching a tie to a suit," says Tejeshwar, “but matching a pair of sneakers to your daily outfit can be quite cumbersome. I want people to know that there is a way of dressing up better without spending a lot. I feature a lot of street wear, which comes naturally to me, and hence my focus is on basic dressing which is very hard to get right.”

Tejeshwar Sandhoo in the black kurta outfit

Tejeshwar often puts together a curious combination of east and west influenced clothing. Curious, but most definitely stylish. In one set of pictures, he pairs a black kurta pyjama with an oversized waistcoat, a gold scarf and custom Blueberry Blackout gold shoes. The east/west fusion is not uncommon across both Western and Indian designers. “A lot of menswear designers in India are focusing a lot on Western wear but of course add their own touch to it,” Tejeshwar says. “Sabyasachi’s last show had a lot of floral suits which seemed very Indian but the style was completely international. And a lot of international designers have been taking inspiration of the East for years now and I feel that this is something, which helps them blend the goodness of the two and create something magical.”

Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai 2015

The idea of fusion certainly works in Tejeshwar’s favour, for whom individuality is key. “The emphasis cannot only be on Indian wear. The idea is to get men to experiment, to stir it up a bit and that has to be done with Western outfits as well as Indian.” The blog, which has attracted nearly 4,000 Facebook likes, was created to encourage the flourishing experimentalism in fashion among Indian men. Gone are the days where fashion was solely female-oriented. Tejeshwar explains, “Indian men are most definitely becoming more experimental. The whole idea of metrosexuality has changed the way Indian men dress and groom themselves. ‘Normal dressing’ is taking a backseat and giving way to a more modern and chic approach towards menswear in India.”

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