How Brown Brogue Shoes Take You To The Next Level

The brogue has been a staple in contemporary men’s footwear for a good number of years. This perforated design originated in Ireland and Scotland making it the go-to pair of gentlemen bound for the terrains of the olden marshlands during the day. Today, brogues are absolute must-haves due to its overall usefulness and style. Traditional punch hole patterns on the upper silhouette, more commonly known as brogueing, present a distinct characteristic those other smart shoes don’t have. Now, to make the most of this pair’s versatility and to take your flair a step further, you can opt for a time-honoured brown leather style with rubber soles. A pair of brown leather brogue’s shade may vary from tan and chestnut, to chocolate and russet. It goes effortlessly well with many outfit combinations and heightens your total look. As a matter of fact, a fashion e-commerce platform describes this classic design as a way to “smarten up your act” while showcasing a slew of these wonderful choices among their list of contemporary shoes. Matching these with a navy or grey ensemble truly embodies how a gentlemen can become stylish without going overboard. For a subtler, more dressed-down iteration, you can complement a brown wingtip brogue with a white buttoned-down shirt and rolled-up dark denim pants to achieve a look that blurs the line between smart and casual. cheaney-avon-c-wingcap-country-brogue-in-almond-grain-leather-p70-1421_zoom In terms of brands, among the trusted ones are English makers such as Cheaneys, Church’s, and Tricker’s. These manufacturers are all masters of their respective crafts, as well as feature a wide collection and creative interpretations of the timeless piece. Be also mindful about the higher level of maintenance brown leather brogue shoes require – 'especially those in lighter shades. Giving your pair the right pampering it needs not only keeps the shoes clean, but also helps with its ageing process. A rule of thumb when choosing the ideal shoe polish is to keep it simple and read the label. Natural ingredients like carnauba wax and beeswax are the way to go as these elements are what skin moisturisers are to humans. These factors prevent brogues – or any other leather shoes – from cracking, drying, and losing its shine. It’s regularly said that upon meeting someone for the first time, you’re instantly judged on a number of things: your hairstyle, the firmness of your handshake, and your taste in shoes. So whether you’re going on a job interview, a date, or a casual night out, brogues, when worn and matched right, will definitely take you to the next level.

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