Burton launches new sportswear

You may have noticed that the British high street is becoming better and better at responding to the needs and demands of the average male shopper. In January, there is an unnatural focus on health and fitness so there has been an avalanche of new sportswear style collections. This weeks new offering from Burton is one of the best around. burton-824490373198403_orig Getting into the gym is the first place is enough of a struggle as it is, so it makes sense that ensuring that you look good whilst you are there may incentivize you a little. The Burton collection looks really good – strong and masculine, its tonally black and grey with pops of white and light blue which provide a nice contrast. Of course there is little point in having a collection that looks great and cannot perform at all. Encouragingly, this collection performs rather well too. The design team have made a special effort to ensure that working with you is a main focus. Just a few of the nifty design tricks include reflective strips (perfect for the cyclists out there), coin pocket (so you can run and grab a protein shake when you are finished) and moisture wicking fabric which means that you wont look like a sweaty mess, even when you feel like one. burton-82449067322724_orig Perhaps the best feature of the collection is the fact that it is perfectly ath-leisure. For those that are not familiar with the term, it means clothes that you can wear whilst working out but that look just as good when you are not pumping iron. Take a look at the simple black mesh panel T-shirt, grey textured hoodie and blue chevron vest to see what we mean. Shop the collection at Burton. What do you think of the new sportswear collection? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear article, see the below:

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