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Burton launches Tailor Made collection

As purveyors of smart and stylish men’s fashion, we hope that all of our readers are already aware that suits can be a great look outside of the boardroom. To bring the point home, one of our favourite British brands, Burton have developed a new collection that demonstrates just that point. Image 1 Named “Tailor Made” the collection sharpens up suiting, with many pieces being suitable for out of office hours. Focusing on a slim fit, muted colours and great accessories, the collection is highly wearable and made even more attractive by its low price point. Image 2 To show off just how wearable the new collection is, we have partnered up with Burton. In our latest collaboration, the power of social media is well on display (the three gents below have a combined Instagram following of over 23,000 followers) so its apt that we sat down our followers to find out more about them, their take on the new collection and what makes them so stylish.


Image 3 How would you describe your style? Classy and sartorial. The best part is when I blend my culture with fashion by coordinating my turban with bespoke tailoring and details. What do you think of Burton's current collection? I always look for tiny details in tailoring which make a huge impact and Burton has never failed to impress me. The current collection is beyond suave. It's comfortable, well tailored and affordable. Image 4 Why do you think its important for guys to be well tailored these days? Personally, I think a man will never look better than when he wears a tailored suit. It can be worn at a variety of occasions without ever looking out of place, enabling the individual to look and feel truly stylish. Sharp tailoring can make a relatively inexpensive suit look expensive, so for the guys out there who think that looking good in a suit is out of their price range - you’re wrong. Image 5

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Image 6 How would you describe your style? Versatile. I really don't like too conform to one particular type of style, I like to be diverse, express it as an art, stepping out of my comfort zone, be daring and have no limits. I love sporting a professional fit that adheres to my love for bespoke menswear or classic sartorial looks. Whether I’m heading to work or have an event or wedding, I always like to put my full effort into the attention to details. What do you think of Burton's current collection? Burton isn't normally a place I would look for a tailored piece, but the current collection and the 3 piece I have been given the opportunity to wear is very impressive. I love the knitted ties and accessories too, which are always key to completing the outfit, and the diversity of colours, fabrics and cuts is stunning. Image 7 Do you think its important for guys to be well tailored these days?  I genuinely think tailoring is flattering to clothing, most men typically wear oversized clothes without attention to size and fit and I think attention to detail such as fitting and correct sizing is sadly neglected. A majority of guys I think choose comfort over aesthetics and I guess naturally a desired option to go for, however the essential elements such as size and fitting shouldn't be comprised In fact a tailored outfit could complement the individual highly to correct sizing and create confidence in an individual and bring the best out of an outfit. Image 8 Where do you wear tailoring?  I would normally wear a tailored bespoke outfit for a special occasion such as an event or a wedding, however most of the statement pieces I own and wear casually are also tailored to fit. I tailor all my trousers, jeans and jackets, I think it makes the garment more personal and creates that individual statement.

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Image 9 How would you describe your style? I would say it’s classic, mixed with some eccentric pieces. My style has matured in recent years, diverting away from brighter hues to muted tones for a more refined look. What do you think of Burton's current collection? It’s incredibly strong especially the blazers and the suits, the fit is spot on. Considering the price, it’s hard to find better on the high street. Image 10 Do you think its important for guys to be well tailored these days?  I think it’s important as ever; guys nowadays take greater pride in their appearance with tailoring being at the forefront. Image 11 Where do you wear tailoring?  I mainly wear tailoring at family functions and formal events in relation to suiting, that’s more of a rare occurrence. I do however, occasionally wear tailored pieces in my day-to day work wardrobe.

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Shop the Tailor Made collection at Burton.


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