How to buy a luxury car

In a world over-saturated with the word “luxury” (fragrances, sneakers, knitwear, swimwear and so much more) there is little left that can truly fit into this category and be shown off as a status symbol. If you have got deep enough pockets, the car is a spectacular luxury purchase. maxresdefault So many new cars are launched with the “luxury” tag its understandable that you may struggle to know which ones are really worth your money. As far as we are concerned, a few factors go into making of a luxury car – supreme comfort, superb craftsmanship, considered design features, effortless performance and of course, something special that makes it exclusive. Of course, all of this comes at a price. Price is indicative of exclusivity – if it is cheap, then every average Joe would be able to get his hands on the same motor as you. 2017-Lincoln-MKZ1 Strangely, the luxury car has always been more about the passenger than the driver, so the way that they accommodate passengers is a key consideration. Often designed for just two people, the idea is to create as much comfort as possible, so features like electrically adjustable seats, massaging chairs and real legroom are all important. If you are the man behind the wheel (because let’s be honest, its where you really want to be) a proper luxury car should have a big and powerful engine (which leads to the incredible performance). Power and pace are what make luxury cars a real “boys toy” which you need to be a man with a sizeable salary to drive and own. Features like autonomous braking and night vision do not come cheap though. Not only are they expensive to buy, they are expensive to run. Take for example a Mercedes S-Class which can run on diesel but still requires expensive servicing and insurance. The options for the right luxury car for you are endless in this day and age – saloons, SUVs, performance cars are all on the list. Come back to Entouraaj soon for more brand specific breakdowns on luxury cars.

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