Chivas Open Row 2015

Chivas Open Row: An evening of bespoke tailoring and whisky on Savile Row

On 3rd June 2015, a gentleman’s agreement came to fruition in the most sophisticated way. Open Row, held in association with Chivas Regal and the Savile Row Bespoke Association, gave 300 lucky guests exclusive access to London’s most stylish street after hours. The evening saw the Chivas-SRBA partnership in operation, creating the perfect marriage of all things gentlemanly. Bound by a shared desire to support their joint values of heritage, style and craftsmanship, Chivas Regal and the Savile Row Bespoke Association are a perfect match. With both whisky and sartorial advice in continual flow, the evening offered presentations, workshops and fashion guidance.
Dege & Skinner, Chivas Open Row 2015.

Guests at Chivas Open Row 2015.

The collaborative event gave London’s biggest style-enthusiasts and luxury-seekers the perfect opportunity to experience the SRBA’s tailoring houses on a relaxed and personal level. William Skinner, Managing Director of Dege & Skinner, a family-run tailoring house, speaking exclusively to Entouraaj tells us why these exclusive evenings are so important: “We invited a number of our clients to the event. It was a great opportunity to have a chat and really get to know our customers in a personalised way. It was also a great way to show off another side to our business and it was nice to be able to entertain regular clients and speak to guests outside of business.” The event offered exclusively delivered talks and workshops across the board. From mixology to shirt-cutting, the evening was a true master class in genteel skills. On their after-hours exploration of the Row, guests had the opportunity to take part in a whisky tasting, hosted by a Chivas Master Blender. Guests were privy to the art of blending exlcusive to Chivas, and were even able to sample the brand’s 18 and 25 year old, specialised whisky.
Shirt-cutting at Dege & Skinner, Chivas Open Row 2015.

Shirt-cutting at Dege & Skinner, Chivas Open Row 2015.

Savile Row holds some of tailoring’s most respected names, including; Alexander McQueen, Davies & Sons, Dege & Skinner and Hardy Amies. The boutiques, as part of the SRBA, were keen to open up their shops after hours. William Skinner continues: “The evening was an opportunity to show off our skills. We specialise in bespoke shirt cutting. It was brilliant to speak to guests and allow our master-cutter to describe how a bespoke shirt is made. It was a chance to work together with our clients and entertain our guests.” A diverse line-up, bespoke tailoring, plenty of style and whisky, the event was the perfect 'Entouraaj' evening out and the polished, 21st Century gentleman.

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