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Civil Wedding OR Religious Ceremony First?

Dear Entouraaj, my fiancé and I are having our Sikh wedding at home and civil wedding in Greece. Do you know of any law stating that the civil wedding should take place before or on the same day of the Sikh wedding? We can not find this law on any Sikh website or UK government website that says we need to do this and the gurdwara advised that we are required to do the civil wedding first. Please help. Thanks. - Gumi Hi Gumi, first of all congrats on the news; it sounds like you have an incredible wedding planned. We have done a bit of digging around and like yourself, we can not find any law which states that the civil wedding must take place before the religious ceremony. Most gurdwaras are licensed to grant a registry wedding certificate at their own premises and perhaps this is want they want you to do. I would contact other gurdwaras in the area and see if they are of the same opinion. Alternatively, you could always have the religious ceremony in Greece. We can recommend the services of a granthi we know who will conduct the ceremony overseas if there are no gurdwaras close by, so do let us know and best of luck.

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