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Bright lights and sharp style: Your Diwali style guide

As our grandparents always liked to remind us, Diwali is all about the age-old battle of good guys vs bad guys, light over darkness – and for a stylish 21st century man, style over, well, looking like your colour-blind aunty picked out your outfit. So prepare for some seriously epic Diwali men's fashion and clothing tips. Whether you’re rocking it with the fam, chilling with friends or need an outfit that will make a major statement, read on: I’ve handpicked the best of Diwali menswear style for you.

The New Trad

Purab Kohli in a blue dhoti

Purab Kohli in a blue dhoti

Heading to the temple, spending time with family and of course – pocketing all those very welcome extra blessings is an essential start to any Diwali. But probably not the best time to showcase your ultra-cutting edge new wardrobe acquisitions. So keep things traditional. But going old-school doesn’t mean you need to be dull, stuffy or look like an aged uncle. Keep things comfortable and easy with the classic kurta pyjama – opt for silk, for a festive and luxurious feel, and keep the look on trend by choosing deep, dark jewel colours, like ruby or dark emerald. Perfect for keeping an autumnal vibe with a celebratory twist. Need to impress? Add a waistcoat on top – don’t skimp with the details though, and choose one that features a rich, brocade pattern. If you’re really feeling adventurous – and you’ve got the skills to pull it off, then there’s nothing that screams “old school” more than a traditional dhoti. Purab Kohli works it brilliantly in a rich, vibrant blue hue. Not a look to take lightly, but definitely an eye-catcher if you can rock it.

Laidback Ease

Riz Ahmed in a casual leather bomber jacket

Riz Ahmed in a casual leather bomber jacket

Face it, Diwali season is not the most diet-friendly of times. And a marathon food fest means you need to dress for the occasion – aka – total comfort! Don’t slack on the style stakes though. Take it easy instead with classic denim – a dark wash Japanese selvedge jean always looks fantastic – work with a cashmere jumper in navy or khaki, and polish it off with a smart, clean fitting blazer on top, or a leather jacket – as demonstated perfectly by Riz Ahmed.

Black Tie – With a Fusion Twist

A Hassan Sheheryar Yasin sherwani suit

A Hassan Sheheryar Yasin sherwani suit

Fireworks, fabulous dinners, and a party that goes on long into the night. When the sun goes down, the festivities have only just begun. If you’re planning a really upscale evening, then the good old tux will never let you down. But if you really want to make an impact, opt for a Sherwani suit instead. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s regal Sherwanis are impossibly lavish, and hard to beat. Make it contemporary by going bespoke, and going with a slim silhouette that’ll work well with the inevitable wool coat on top. Darker shades look elegant – while detailed embroidery adds a decadent touch. Pair with brogues and a complementing pocket square to finish the look.

How will you be pulling out the stops this Diwali? What’s your style inspiration for the festivities? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.

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