Your Diwali outfit sorted

Whether you are celebrating Diwali (which of course you will know is this weekend) or heading to a Bonfire Night event, which will be taking place all over the country over the next week, you need to remember two things. Firstly, comfort is key, and secondly, its cold. Very cold. As such, we thought that it made perfect sense to combine style and comfort, as well as two major British and Asian events to come up with a guide to have you looking your most comfortably stylish this season.

The overcoat

295111_main No doubt the most important piece of equipment in your arsenal in the war against cod weather is a great coat. When attending outdoor events like a bonfire night or Diwali fireworks it makes sense to get a coat that is as warm as possible, but also that allows for ease of movement. We recommend a parka, which goes with pretty much everything, has a youthful edge and provides insulation too. We especially like this River Island version.

The denim

711023_mrp_in_l Go selvedge – its cool, comfortable and of the moment, The stiff leg means you can move easily in it and it wont stick to you the same way that skinny or stretch denim does. It also looks pretty damn good with the aforementioned parka. Look to denim specialists Albam (available at Mr Porter) for some of the best selvedge denim currently available.

The shoes

brown-lace-up-ankle-boots Running around parks, with all of that wet grass, dirty leaves and with all of that fire and ash flying around, calls for a pretty robust pair of shoes. Boots are without a doubt the best option and it makes sense to invest in an economically friendly pair that you will not cry over, should they get ruined. We love how robust and outdoorsy these New Look boots are.

What else do you need?

newbyteas_pf_sp_happy_diwali_original Stay warm with a flask. No, not a hip flask, but a tea flask. Take a look at the great range of special Diwali teas from luxury brand Newby which includes luxury flavours like lemon & ginger or Upper Assam. They are also an incredible gift and one that will have your in-laws eating out of your hands. image1xl A great pair of gloves is not only essential for the festivities, but for the season in general. Asos have a huge selection, but we feel like these suede and leather desigsn from Timberland are deserving of a special mention. Last but last night, what festival or bonfire night is worth anything coloured gunpowder being sent up into the sky? We recommend getting your fireworks from a reputable seller (Epic Fireworks does exactly what it says on the tin) or better still, go to one of the many events at your local temple or park. Have we missed anything off our list? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear check out the following: • Touchscreen gloves for winterThe winter survival guide Autumn knitwear with Burton Menswear

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