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Dominican Republic Honeymoon

The Dominican Republic is renowned for its picturesque white sand beaches and serene mangrove lagoons. Further inland, waterfalls and untouched lush jungle stand as a testament to the country’s breath-taking natural beauty. Clear turquoise waters and tropical weather, coupled with a luxurious selection of pampering and indulgent resorts make the Dominican Republic a place worth considering for your honeymoon. Weather Temperatures in the Dominican Republic consistently average 27°C to 31°C pretty much all year round. You will experience tropical humidity there but the sea breeze around the coastal areas really helps to keep the climate comfortable. Travel between December and April to avoid the rainy season. Do expect crowded beaches and inflated hotel rates from December to February and July to August, which are the main tourist seasons. This is especially the case during the week before Easter, known as Semana Santa. Getting there There are four main airports that handle the majority of international flights. Santo Domingo is the largest of them, however a greater number of passengers travel via Aeropuerto Internacional Punta Cana. You can get a return flight with one stop to either airport for around £600 - £700 per person. The journey time from the UK is around 11 hours. Upon arrival, you’ll be charged ten dollars each for a tourist card. Many of Punta Cana’s luxury hotels are only a 20 minute drive away from the airport. If you opt to stay at one of the Dominican Republic’s other cities or resorts, be sure to fly into the nearest airport to make transfers easier. Activities Deep blue waters, coral reefs and an abundance of under-water wildlife mean you'll have a good range of beach and sea activities available to you through your resort, including glass-bottom boat rides, snorkelling and diving excursions. If you’re keen to head into the wilderness for a bit of adventure you can also book a jeep safari through the tropical jungle. Places to visit around Punta Cana include the scenic trails of Indigenous Eyes Eco Park, the Museum of Ponce de León, Manati Park and the basilica of the Dominicans’ patroness. Or sign yourself up for some excitement with a tour of the Fun Fun Cuevas where you can trek through rainforest, descend into one of the many cave openings and wade through a river to feast your eyes on the ancient Taino legacy of cave art. Santo Domingo is a sight-seeing dream with Colonial City, Columbus Alcazar, Faro De Colon and many more historical sites awaiting your eager tourist sensibilities. If you’re not huge fans of history ...or Columbus, then you can head over to the shopping district (El Conde) which is a great place to pick up souvenirs with cafes and restaurants along the way. Dining If you go for the all-inclusive option, your resort should offer à la carte and a good range of international cuisine. Elsewhere you’ll find a selection of French, Mediterranean, Chinese restaurants as well as the local Caribbean and Latin options. If you’re not an adventurous eater or if you have special dietary needs, it’s definitely a good idea to go for an all-inclusive stay. The choice of standard chain-restaurants in the Dominican Republic is limited to Hard Rock Cafe and Pizza Hut. Traditional Dominican cuisine is a mix of Spanish, indigenous Taíno and African influences. Many of the dishes tend to be meat-heavy, but there is also a great variety of tropical fruits, rice, beans and seafood. Where to stay The four main resorts are Punta Cana, La Romana, Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo. Everything about Punta Cana makes it an unforgettable tropical getaway. Its palm tree lined, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters speak for themselves, while the city of La Romana offers a cosmopolitan take on the tropics. An abundance of good value beach resorts make Puerto Plata more of a family holiday destination. Though there are secluded-feeling honeymoon resorts available, the choice is fairly limited. Last but not least, we have Santo Domingo. The capital of the Dominican Republic offers a mixture of mediaeval palaces and fortresses with Latin nightlife and shopping attractions typical of any modern city. To have your pick of four star all-inclusive, romantic escapes around the Dominican Republic, you can expect to spend around £100 to £200 per night or ultimate five star luxury from £200 to £300.

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