Dressing between seasons

“Transitional style” has become a rather well known phrase to those in the menswear sphere. It basically means that we are looking for pieces that make dressing easier in particularly awkward months of the year. These months are March-May and September-October. They are so called “transitional” as they are between summer and winter seasons and can make dressing really difficult. _MG_8124 The problem is most felt in England – where the weather really changes between seasons. The aforementioned seasons tend to be both hot and cold, wet and dry and therefore slap bang in the middle of a style conundrum. Luckily we have teamed up with long standing Entouraaj partners Burton Menswear to look at what a chap should wear in these months. _MG_8131 _MG_8141 Our ambassador Mandeep Kooner (aka MSK Style Blogger) is wearing head to toe Burton Menswear and are all pieces that perfectly capture how to dress between seasons. The cargo shirt is light, breathable and perfect for layering – when its cold you can wear a jacket over it and/ or a T-shirt under it and when its warm you can undo some buttons and wear it alone. You really cannot go wrong with a great pair of black jeans. Apart from being a perfect transitional piece, they are also a menswear staple. Every man should own a pair and we highly recommend grabbing yours at Burton as we have always been impressed by their vast denim collection. _MG_8328 It is Mandeep’s choice of footwear that makes it perfect between seasons – black boots are perfect worn with shorts on the warmer day and dressed for comfort on cold days. Here’s a look at a couple of other pieces that we think will help you nail the perfect transitional weather look:

Black knitted polo

BR27T17JBLK_Zoom_M_1 The polo is perfect between seasons – the fact that it is knitted means that it is warm enough to be worn enough but light enough to be layered too.


BR23C03JNAT_Zoom_M_1 Another very safe choice. We love these for the tobacco colour – they say that autumn is coming but would not look at all out of place if you wore them at any time in the year.

Bomber jacket

BR06B20JBLK_Zoom_M_1 This jacket was made for the season. Most bombers are light and breezy, not too padded or warm and as such you should not find yourself struggling to breath if you are wearing one on the tube one September evening. _MG_8362 Shop all of our picks and more at Burton Menswear. What do you think about these picks? Tweet Taj. For similar articles take a read of these:

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