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Edinburgh Stag Do

The culturally rich and vibrant capital of Scotland is a great one to be sampled in all its stag do glory. The easily navigable streets offering anything from traditional pubs and stylish bars to basic ‘happy hour’ merriment make for a great night out with the boys. Getting There If you're travelling from England, we recommend flying or taking the train as it's a long drive. You can get a flight from London in little over an hour and at a cost of around £60 per person if you book early. Our recommendation would be to travel by train. It's comfortable and fun wherever you’re travelling from and can cost you between £16 and £90 for a return journey. Ideally, book a couple of months in advance to get a good deal. Alternatively, Edinburgh is a seven to eight hour drive from London along the M1 or A1. You can also take the alternate route via the M6 through Birmingham and Manchester, which is probably shorter and better, but do you really want to drive on the way back from a stag? Climate Generally the best time to visit Edinburgh is between May and September. Even during the summer, though, temperatures will rarely increase more than 22°C. Rainfall is consistent pretty much all year round and, as with most UK destinations, you can expect the odd shower on any given day. Edinburgh also is known for being a windy city, so wrap up chaps! Stay You can also get very nice serviced apartments, where stags are welcome, within 5 minutes walking distance to bars and restaurants on George St. A four bedroom flat, which will comfortably sleep ten of you, costs around £20 per person per night.            For larger groups of 10 or more, we highly recommend booking an entire dorm at a hostel (some of which can accommodate up to 18 people). You’ll find these from as little as £8 per person per night, right within the city centre, so you can save on cab fares and have extra beer money.      To Do Despite the less-than-ideal weather, Edinburgh is great place for outdoor activities. So when in Scotland, do as the Scottish do and get your kilts on for some serious fun with the mini Highland games. Mini versions of the traditional Scottish games, including tossing the caber, hurling the wellies and tug o’ war, are available to stags all over Edinburgh and are definitely worth a try. If you’re looking for adventure then you can arrange to go white water rafting which is an hour’s drive outside of the city, in Perthshire. Alternatively, you can seek a different type of thrill one of Edinburgh’s famed ghost walks – complete with a ‘ghost guide’ which can be quite a good laugh if the stag's not up for it. For some good old, box-standard stag fun you can also opt to go paintballing or extreme karting at Scotland’s largest indoor racing track. Eat As with any capital city, Edinburgh offers an impressive variety of dining options from cheap and cheerful to Michelin-starred. Rose Street and parallel Princess Street are good places for a stag group to head to, with plenty offering various pub food options. Or you can head to nearby George Street for a great mix of international cuisine. Drink & Party With whiskey being the national drink in Scotland, you’ll find a large selection of malt and blended whiskeys on offer at most pubs. A great incentive for making it your drink of choice is that it’s usually cheaper than beer! The Grassmarket, located in the Old Town, has a great mix of clubs and bars for a night out with the boys. Princess Street and Rose Street are also popular places for stag and hen parties to end up. George Street in the New Town is known for being home to some of the more upmarket pubs and clubs, as well Queen Street which runs parallel to it. Stockbridge and the waterfront at Leith are also known as trendy places to hang out if you get let in. Stay Safe Edinburgh is generally safe as long as you stay within the city centre and observe the standard common sense precautions. There are one or two rundown districts further out from the glamour and hubbub of the central area that are less ‘touristy’, but even as a joke, we wouldn't advise leaving the stag there! If you're short of time, having a reputable company organise the whole Edinburgh stag do for you is not a bad idea and you won't go far wrong with

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