Enemy Deserves No Mercy

At my stag do 3 weeks ago, we all went paintballing. There were 15 of us in our group and a couple of randoms I didn't know; they had obviously come for the day out. After about 40 minutes of continuous and indecent assault from paintballs by the stag group, I had decided enough was enough. Unable to take on the whole group alone, I focused on one person as the object of my rage. I let fly an assault of paintballs at him, firing from point blank range, all whilst taking a pounding myself. Once I had run out of ammo and blinded by the paint covering my goggles, I proceeded to bear hug and slam my opponent to the ground as a grand finale to this epic battle - and ‘cos I thought it would be funny. Only to find out that the poor chap who had taken this abuse was one of the randoms, a 14 year old boy in fact, who was holding back tears by the end of his ordeal. _______________________________________________________________ Hi Sachin, There's only one way to describe this one, classic! Your testosterone frenzied attack has earned you your very own Entouraaj Man Cup, which is on it's way. Entouraaj

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