Everything you need to know about cigars

Anyone that has watched programmes such as Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos will know that cigars mean something. They mean power, wealth and success and today, they are still a status symbol for all of these things. Developed as the social pursuit of the gentleman, a dapper man with a whisky in one hand and a cigar in the other is an archetypal image. Somewhat gentrified, they have gone a little out of fashion these days and maybe it’s time to bring them back as a luxury status symbol. In the twenty first century, they are still, very much a luxury man’s hobby and if you want to be one of those men, take a look at our guide which details everything that you need to know. Cohiba-robusto-supremo Cigars can be very expensive, so it helps to know the names of some brands. Generally, the best are ones that have been hand-rolled in either Cuba, The Dominican Republican or Honduras. The best way to work out which is the one for you is to try a few different ones – smoking is to taste so don’t buy a box of super expensive ones that you will regret. There are a number of famous brands and manufacturers. The Cohiba Rubusto boasts a light taste and is recommended for beginners as it is easy to smoke. The Montecristo No. 4 is named after the famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo and has a more full-bodied taste than the Cohiba Rubusto whilst the Olivia Serie V Belicosos is regarded as the most powerful cigar in the world and is one of the most popular versions. Oliva-Serie-V-Belicoso-img-3 To learn more about how to smoke cigars properly, we would recommend a visit to one of the many London based specialist stores. Here you will learn more about how to smoke, what to look for in a cutter and flame and whether you can get into any of the exclusive cigar hotspots in London like Boisdale in Canary Wharf and The Garden Room at The Lanesborough Hotel, Knightsbridge. article-2502651-195D6CBF00000578-988_634x465

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