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Extreme Proposals

If you’re serious about proposing, pretty soon you’ll be tired of reading about flash mobs in Times Square and celebrity chef prepared meals. Whether or not you plan to dip your toe in the perilous sea of wedding planning, the proposal is your big chance to seize the day. While some can afford to splash their cash on elaborate romantic gestures, the rest of us have to rely on other displays of machismo to impress our girlfriends. That’s why some of us have turned to more 'unique' gestures to win over our lucky ladies.... ‘extreme proposal sports’. Essentially these are extreme sports that one can incorporate their proposal into and not dissimilar to what would have been done in the Middle Ages, performing feats of sheer extravagance or disbelief to win over the heart of the Princess! The benefits of going extreme are that, firstly, she’s more likely to say ‘yes’ and most importantly, you’re giving her a damn good story to tell when her friends ask how you proposed (which they definitely will). Here are our some of our favourite ideas of extreme proposals for your inspiration. Bungee jumping  - If freefalling from a crazy height doesn’t make an effective declaration of love then we don’t know what does. Remember to squeeze out 'Will you marry me?' as quickly and loudly as you can before your screaming commences for the rest of the descent. Hopefully you'll live to tell the tale and not lose the ring in the process. Second thoughts, don't take a ring, she'll get it. Sky diving – Imagine she’s waiting in the airfield wondering if you’re going to succeed at this practically death-defying sport and you emerge from your billowing parachute asking her to marry you. Might be a bit weird if your instructor is still strapped to you so time it right, wait until you're regain your senses and get your butt down on one knee. Zorbing – This one’s a little less extreme which means you can both do it together. You can opt to be harnessed in, facing each other and just wait until you’ve finished rolling down the hill before you pop the question. She might not appreciate the gesture if she's covered in your vomit so maybe a trial run is advisable. Scuba diving – Have her watch you dive in and retrieve an oyster shell for her, which will have the ring inside when she opens it. Guaranteed to make an amazing story although if your swimming is more 'underwater doggy paddle' than James Bond, the moment could be lost. Hang gliding – This one’s probably going to be difficult unless she’s actually hand gliding with you. But the adrenalin, the views and the fact that you’re soaring through the skies with nothing but a sail should make for an awesome proposal. If you're scared of heights, she'll appreciate the gesture that much more but you'll need your own sleeping bag just incase... you know?!

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