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Faux Pas With The Father In-Law

I got married over 2 years ago but I still can’t live this story down from my family, whenever there is an opportune moment. The first time my in-laws came to my house to meet my parents, it was only the third time I was meeting them and unfortunately for me, all of our siblings were also present. Still keen to impress my new mum and dad, in particular dad (as I felt that brownie points were less easy to accumulate from your father-in-law), I was always polite and friendly. But sometimes you can’t explain the reasons you behave the way you do in certain situations. For some reason, I felt it appropriate to set up the Nintendo Wii and showcase my physical prowess and virtual tennis skills, in what can only be described as a primal act of male showmanship. This is so not me. Anyway, it backfired….. and I mean literally. Just as I unleashed a powerful forehand against my soon to be brother-in-law, I farted…. violently. I was devastated. My brother-in-law was in stitches but my instinctive reaction was to turn around and apologise to my unsuspecting father-in-law for “appearing to have farted”, which is exactly how I explained myself to him. Now I felt like an even bigger idiot. I found out many months later that he had not, in fact, heard me fart and was confused as to why I was explaining to him that I had farted. _________________________________________________________________ Dear Ajay, I must say, we commend you on your unusual methods of displaying male showmanship. What a shame your father in-law never actually got to hear it! Your well-earned Entouraaj mug is on its way. Entouraaj

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