Filling Pieces S/S 17

For several seasons now, the luxury sneaker has now become a fashion must have for men. When you look back, its hard to remember a time when they were not. It is now commonplace for most of us to own (or at least lust over owning) a pair of Lanvin, Margiela or Valentino sneakers, which look just as good with a pair of jeans as they do with suit trousers. k28a8455 Filling Pieces are a brand that has developed a reputation as a serious sneaker brand. For spring 2017, the foundation of the AW16 “Foundation” collection have been developed by the Amsterdam label. The spring collection is called “Let Us Create” and features fresh & innovative designs, new silhouettes and a staggering 600 different sneakers. With that many shoes, you would have expected the pretty small brand to have upscaled their operation but in fact the opposite is true as they continue to work with family owned ateliers in Portugal and source materials from the finest independent experts in Italy. The whole team are passionate about creating the best possible sneakers. k28a8539 For SS17 the clue of the collection is pretty much in the name. Let Us Create refers to a new and unparalleled creativity for the brand – designing soles from scratch, drawing, making moulds out of clay and having the shoes produced by the worlds finest manufacturers. The new season drops include 5 new soles, which are detailed further below: k28a8677-2 The Fundamental soles are a complete replacement for generic rubber cup-soles. k28a9482 The Sky sole takes its design cues from the automotive world, as the lines represent the streamlined chassis’ of racecars. k28a8382 The Roots sole is made of EVA and is the lightest sole ever with a manufacturing process that expands foam. k28a8478 The Shark sole has been inspired by shrk skin and designed with Thermo Plastic Rubber, a material used for compacting tiny rubber pullets. Shop all these sneaker styles and more at Filling Pieces. Are you diffing the new sneaker styles? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear article, see the below:

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