Five luxury gadgets you need right now

Gadgets are wonderful. Not only are they super fun, great toys for men and things of beauty, when they are well made and designed properly, they make our lives a whole lot easier. The humble phone, alarm clock, Sky Plus box are just a few examples of launches that have changed the way that we connect, organise our life and enjoy our downtime. We have scrawled the net and compiled a short list of 5 new luxury gadgets that we think that every man should own.

Amazon Echo

61aN+SE-F9L._SL1000_ You may have seen this advertised but struggled to understand just what it does. Vibing Siri with its voice-controls it can order taxis, run your favourite Spotify playlists, search Google, manage your home heating and so much more. Why use your hands when you can use your voice? Shop at Amazon

Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9

pic_brands_phone Fed up of your Iphone? Sick of having the same Android as everyone else? The latest release from Porsche Design Huawei Mate boasts a curved screen, dual cameras and 6gb of power. It is also bound to make you stand out. Shop at Huawei.

Beoplay H9 headphones

H9_buy_argilla Audio pleasure is a remarkable pleasure of the twenty first century, so we all get understandably annoyed when headphones fray, loose connectivity and break. Step forward, the new Beoplay H9 headphones which has noise cancelling, wireless tech and a rather lovely, luxury design. Shop at Beoplay.

People People Transparent speakers

165700-7134afb86db2434ebc35e6487b17f9e3 Luxury and design in the home is just as important as luxury on and about your person. With that in mind, we have put audio pleasure in the house as a key factor when putting together this list. We are loving the look of these wonderful transparent speakers from People People.

Shop at People People.

PlayStation VR

psvr-listing-thumb-01-ps4-eu-14mar16_psd Immersive gaming is the future. As such, invest now and  start enjoying yourself with the PlayStation VR. Without a doubt the best gaming experience available right now. Shop at PlayStation.

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