Squats cartoon

Single Leg Squats to Panjabi MC

I was at a friend’s wedding in Manchester and we got to that bit of the night where you lift the groom up and dance with him on your shoulders. So my mate and I picked him up and lifted him onto our shoulders but as we did, my mate accidently grabs one of my legs with one of the groom’s legs. The funny thing was he had no idea (I know tough b******!), meanwhile I’m stumbling around supporting the groom and myself on my one gangly leg and on one of my shoulders. It took about 5 seconds before all the other people on the dance floor noticed and I, not the groom, became the laughing stock of the evening. By the time my mate put us both down, I was too knackered to be angry as I had been hopping around like a madman to Panjabi MC for 90 seconds!! ________________________________________________________________ Hi Ahmed, We have to admit, you mate sounds like he's been on steroids! Get a copy of the video to us, someone must have one, and we'll give you a £1 for every view it gets from one of our readers!! The Entouraaj Team

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