Groom Suit Hire

Whether it’s for weddings, Christmas parties or some other formal occasion, being faced with the task of dressing ourselves for a ‘black tie’ event always raises the question ‘to buy or hire?’. The emergence of mid-range and affordable personal tailoring services has meant that more of us are able to consider the possibility of investing in bespoke formal wear of our own. So why hire a tuxedo when you can possess one of your own? Well it seems that there is still a considerable market for formal hire and many of us are likely to have hired a suit or would consider doing so in the future. Many see suit hire as a time saving, hassle-free alternative to bespoke tailoring but weighing up the pros and cons reveals that it also has its drawbacks. The pros of suit hire Cost – Hire will be invariably cheaper if you only require a 'tux' for a ‘one off’ occasion. Also, with many suppliers you only return the jacket and trousers while the shirt, cravat and accessories are yours to keep. Time – Suit selection and fittings take a fraction of the time you’ll need to invest when getting your own one made. Seeking the right tailor and choosing the ideal materials can be a time-consuming process. Once the suit has been sewn, additional time is needed for fittings and alterations. Variety – If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like the idea of wearing the same suit to every occasion, then hiring can be a better option than buying. Maintenance – Formal suits require their share of TLC. Having an already dry-cleaned suit that’s ready-to-wear will take the hassle out of ‘dressing up’ for a special occasion. The cons of suit hire Reusability – Depending on how often you attend formal occasions, hiring a suit every time will eventually become more costly than having one tailor-made. Fit  - Fit is the one area where a compromise will not pay off. Unfortunately, a hire suit is no substitute for having a garment that’s been made with the sole purpose of looking good on your own individual physique. Even when you buy ‘off the peg’, these suits can usually be customised for a better fit. Style – Hire suits are designed to reflect current trends and styles, which may not be the most flattering look for your body shape. A tailor-made suit gives you the option to pick a style that will work for you. Returns  - The rush to return your outfit to the supplier the next day can be a hassle. Most companies will give you two days and you may incur penalties for late returns. Suit hire tips Should you choose to hire on this occasion, here are a few things you should check out before making the booking.
  • Make sure the supplier has a varied choice of suits for you to choose from, as well as a good range of accessories available - this includes cummerbunds, cravats, handkerchiefs and buttons if you need them.
  • Be sure to try on as many suits as you can to get the best fit for your form.
  • Check the availability of the suit you want and get it booked well in advance.
  • Check if they offer a mobile fitting, delivery and pick up service. This will really take the hassle out of any special occasion when you are busy with several other tasks.
  • Find out what the payment method is and how much is required for the deposit.
  • Enquire about the late return policy, since heading back to the hire shop may not end up being your first priority the day after the event.
  • Also check what damages you’ll face if anything happens to the suit during your hire.
Apart from the obvious pros and cons, it really is worth investing a little bit of time and money into getting a dinner suit of your own. This is especially the case if you anticipate having to attend a lot of weddings and formal functions over the next couple of years. Also, if your body weight does not tend to fluctuate a lot, you can really appreciate the long-term value. Tailor-made suits usually boast superior fabrics and longer-lasting construction, so treat yourself to a classic ensemble and it’s yours for life.

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