Gym Bag Essentials For Men

Summer is an interestingly paradoxical season; it either inspires profound excitement at the prospect of sunbathing, beach-going, garden parties and dripping ice creams. Or it can instil a deep-set, sweat inducing fear at the prospect of revealing your not-quite-perfect-but-getting-there-just-after-this-last-Easter-egg-I-promise summer body. If you’re at the latter part of the scale, then perhaps you’ve already made up your mind to join a gym and start packing away the protein, because gains bro. To get you Beach Body Ready, Entouraaj have put together a list of our top 5 gym bag essentials:

The Clothes

AI7489_21_model Your work-out performance largely depends on what you’re working out in. While it might be tempting to pick up an old university t-shirt that doubles as your pyjamas, it’s far more beneficial to invest in performance enhancing pieces. Swap out cotton t-shirts and vests for form-fitting materials with elasticity. Breathable fabrics will not only keep you from overheating, but will also leave you feeling fresh. The mesh-like material will pull heat away from your body while wicking sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable right down to your last rep. For the sake of fashion, opt for a simple crew neck t-shirt. Avoid skimpy, spaghetti strap vests at all costs. Unless of course you’re going for the retired WWE wrestler look (please don’t). Try Adidas, Nike or any traditional sports shop to pick a few of these up for your next workout.

The Shaker

81nDkNBYhPL._SL1500_ Despite their popularity, the run-of-the-mill protein shakers are prone to leakage. So to avoid wrestling with the distorted clip on cap, which now doesn’t fit properly because you dared to wash it, level up with a multi-functioning shake bottle. In addition to being leak proof, these shakers from SmartShake come with a snap on power mixer, and storage compartments for your nutritional supplements, vitamins, snacks or even your locker key! These bottles are dishwasher proof, so you don’t have to worry about clean up either.

The Tracker

b2b69826566165efdf7c868a2975b649 In the age of the digital revolution, it’s becoming quicker and easier to track your vitals. If you want to start monitoring your workouts, heart rate and sleep patterns, then there are a myriad of options on the market. Fitbits are definitely a hot commodity in the fitness world. Their newest release, The Alta, is slimmer and isn’t cumbersome whilst completing an intense workout. Aesthetically, it’s a great design, but unfortunately it will only monitor the basics. garmin-vivoactive-hr-1_thumb800 Lesser known but still a viable contender, the Garmin Vivoactive HR sports a high-resolution colour touchscreen, which makes for quick and easy reading when you want to glance at it on a treadmill. The built-in sports app allows you to plan your running, biking and swimming routes and will even monitor your heart rate.

The Gloves

76177899_l Weight training can take its toll on your hands without the proper equipment. To avoid developing callused skin from gripping the uncomfortably rough (and hygienically questionable) metal, get yourself some workout gloves. If you have weak wrists, purpose-designed weight lifting gloves will give you extra support. For intense workouts, choose a moisture-resistant pair so you’re free to sweat as profusely as you desire.

The Wash Bag

234819221 Done with your workout? Then it’s time to hit the showers. And what better way to carry your grooming essentials than in their own, dedicated wash bag? Style and material are entirely up to the individual; leather, canvas, printed or plain, there are hundreds of options for a gentleman on the go. TED BAKER Brands such as Ted Baker, Barbour, Ralph Lauren and Gentleman’s Hardware carry wide selections and cater for all tastes.

The Gym Bag

river island holdall Guys, ditch your year 10 Reebok rucksack, because it’s time to play with the big boys. Leather bags are quite popular for their sophisticated and sturdy aesthetic. This River Island hold-all is a great look and can even double as a weekend bag. For the practical man, a lightweight canvas bag like this Jack Wills one is the perfect choice. With individual compartments to avoid cross-contamination, it’s both sensible and stylish. jack wills If in the last week, you might have looked down regretfully at your brand new paunch, wondering if all that chocolate over the Easter break was actually worth it, then don’t worry, all is not lost. With Entouraaj’s comprehensive guide to your essentials, you can look and feel the part at the gym. So next time you’re asked “Do you even lift, bro?” you can confidently reply, “Yes. And I do it with style.

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