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Hawaii Honeymoon

Hawaii has long been etched into our subconscious as a colourful tropical paradise; all palm trees, lazy beaches and sun-drenched hula girls. At a distance of over 7,000 miles from the UK though, is the long and pricey journey worth it for some exotic honeymoon romance? Simple answer: yes! This gleaming group of islands in the Pacific coast boasts some of America’s most stunning beaches, rejuvenating natural beauty and great weather all-year-round. Each island has something different to offer for every kind of honeymooner. Head to Maui for romantic seclusion and uninterrupted beach time, Kauai for unspoilt scenic surroundings, the Big Island for volcanic adventure and Ohau for great shopping and a vibrant nightlife. This is one destination not to be missed for beach lovers, nature lovers and city slickers alike. Weather All the islands have similar climates: the dry season spans from May to October and the wet season from October to April. With warm and welcoming weather all-year-round, coastal temperatures average highs of 28°C and lows of 20°C. You’ll find the north east side of each island covered in lush rain forests while the south western coasts are lined with sandy beaches. Getting there Perhaps the one drawback with Hawaii is that getting there is not straightforward. There are no direct flights from the UK and you will need to stop over at a destination in North America. Our recommendation would be Los Angeles. Flight time to LA is a little over 10 hours from the UK and a further 5 hours from LA to one of the islands in Hawaii. This means you’ll be travelling almost 24 hours before you finally reach your destination, so be sure to have your transfers arranged well in advance. The flight cost, with one or two stops, is around £600 to £800 per adult. Activities Whether you choose to remain stationed in one area or spend your time island-hopping, there will always be plenty to keep you busy. All the islands offer a myriad of water sports and experiences such as whale watching and dolphin swimming. For those who seek a more physical challenge, activities such as zip-lining, waterfall treks and horse-riding are popular options. Sights worth seeing in Maui include Haleakala National Park. This island is also known for its championship golf courses and the scenic ‘Road to Hana’. Visit the Big Island for an unforgettable volcano experience or Kauai’s Waimea Canyon and Wailua River for a dash of honeymoon adventure. If you’re the kind of couple that likes to be kept busy then you’ll love Oahu. A vibrant nightlife, surfing, shopping, famed beaches and a great variety of dining will provide you with all the entertainment you need. Wakiki beach and the Pearl Harbour Museum are worth seeing in Oahu. Dining If you’re not going for the all inclusive option your main dining choices will include American, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Italian. Hawaiian cuisine itself is essentially a mixture of Oriental and American dishes. A popular traditional Hawaiian dish is something known as a ‘plate lunch’, consisting of two scoops of rice and macaroni salad. This comes with a variety of toppings including a fried egg, brown gravy and a hamburger patty with Japanese style pork or Kalua. As an American state, Hawaii is good news for burger, hot dog and cheese cake lovers! Where to stay There‘s a good choice of romantic resorts on Hawaii. Our advice would be to split your stay by combining the modern resort experience of Oahu with the romance and seclusion of Maui or Lanai. Alternatively, you may choose to combine the natural beauty and adventure of the Big Island or Kauai with your secluded beach time. You can expect to pay around £100 upwards per night for the privilege of four star luxury on the islands.  At the top end you’ll pay £250 to £350 per night for the idyllic five star resorts.

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