Honey ‘moon’

Honey ‘moon’

We were in Seychelles, and being on honeymoon, always looking for an opportune moment to be indecent. This meant most of the time we spent in our villa, we were naked. So, everyday a young guy would come and clean out the our plunge pool, usually whilst we were out at breakfast or lounging on the beach.

One day, he arrived late. We got back from breakfast. The pool looked clean, so we stripped and dived in, assuming he had been and gone. In all our excitement we clearly didn’t hear him knocking on the front door. Just as I was coming out of the pool, completely starkers, he walked in, and the once innocent smile of a young man was replaced by a look of sheer horror. I was busted. So, I played it cool, lit my cigarette, like I was okay with everything, and simply asked him to return later!

 Hi Amar, 

There’s nothing like a bit of indecent exposure to earn a few laughs. We hope you did the gentlemanly thing and left a generous tip for the traumatised pool cleaner. Your Entouraaj mug is on it’s way.


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