Honeymoon package

Honeymoon Package

Hi Entouraaj, I am looking for a honeymoon package and need help finding out the rates for 10 to 12 days in Australia or a trip to Europe for a similar time-frame (e.g. Switzerland, Paris & London). -Sunny Hi Sunny, Well to be fair, we’re not a travel agency and nor have you given us a whole lot to work with, but here goes nothing. Assuming that you are based in the UK a 10 -12 day trip to Australia would be almost pointless with the journey time being around 2 days there and back. But if you did it, we would recommend hitting one city e.g. Sydney. You will be jet-lagged so moving around too much wouldn’t make it a particularly enjoyable experience for a honeymoon. Sydney will give you a good mix of beach, culture and nightlife. If you went in December (their summer) packages start from about £1,000 per person but as it’s a honeymoon budget at least £1700 per person for flights and accommodation. As for Europe, we recommend travelling by train, particularly if you are doing multiple destinations. It’s just not worth the hassle to fly. Get the Eurostar from London and then an InterRail Pass throughout Europe. Costs for travel will be at least £250 - £350 depending when you go, and as for accommodation, well that’s your call my friend.

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