How to look after your beard

We all know that a good beard is an admirable thing. Get it right and you should have women swooning after you, all of your bros jealous of you and a great sense of satisfaction  too. Get it wrong and its not worth thinking about what the consequences might be. For the sake of helping you out they could include less invitations on nights out, the other sex steering clear from you and of course, unhealthy and generally bad skin. Look after your beard and you can benefit from all the pros. In an attempt to better understand some of the products out there that can keep you looking your best we road tested some of the products currently available at Bulldog Skincare for Men. The award winning brand has been on the grooming scene for several years now. All of their products have been designed solely with male skin as their focus. The goal was to create a range where all of the products work simply and effectively to deal with the specific issues that men face, whether that be pH balance, oily skin, dry skin or wrinkles. Luckily for us gents they have put together a rather quick and easy selection of products to help make beard care easy and stress free.


Step one involves using the original  beard shampoo and conditioner. If you have never shampooed your beard, starting to do so will leave it feeling soft, fresh, nourished and in the best shape of its life. The Bulldog shampoo features aloe vera, green tea and camomile oil all of which help to make that come true. You only need to apply a small amount for the impact to go a long way.


Next up, we would recommend the original beard oil. Beard oil has been around for a few years now and is pretty much a must have product. This particular variation has been created to tame and condition your beard and over time you will see, that it is smoother, softer and much more manageable.


Last but of course by no means least, beard care ends with making sure that it looks its best when you leave the house. The Bulldog solution for that comes via the original beard balm which should be quickly applied all over the beard for a superb shine. https://www.bulldogskincare.com/original-beard-balm What do you think of Bulldog’s range? Tweet Taj. For more grooming advice see below: How to transform your skin – the do’s First Instinct by Abercrombie & Fitch Skin saviours for men

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