How to wear your watch like a pro

The watch that you wear speaks volumes about the man that you are. Regarded as a true gents accessory, the right watch can be a real talking point. In a society where we all check our phones to see the time, the watch has moved from a mere timepiece into a superb accessory and one that you can really have fun with. If you have ever struggled with matching your watch to your attire, I can show you the right place to wear ten of our favourite watches.

A watch for the office

17530998_1If you work in a serious office (think lawyer, accountant, banking or politics) believe it or not, having the right attire can be the factor in giving you that promotion you have been craving for. That extends to having the right watch and we would recommend a classic.

They may have been designed with aviation in mind but Breitling can be found in many a boardroom. Our pick of the current collection is the Super Avenger design which boasts a 48mm stainless steel strap, a black dial with chronograph and date window and scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. It’s also a great piece to take you from the boardroom to after work drinks. Get your hands on it at Watches of Switzerland. I also love the slim, elegant design on this Junghans watch at Mr Porter and this blue-faced MeisterSinger at Goldsmiths.

A watch for the gym

mediasFor the gym (or any outdoor activity too for that matter) you need a sports watch. It should not be slim. It should be water resistant and look just as good in the bar after the gym as it does when you are pushing yourself in the weights room.

The digital display design from Sony will not cause you to step into the red but look to Timex and Asos for even lower priced models. These watches are perfect for summer holidays and the beach too. Make sure that you always check the water resistance before going deep sea diving wearing your super expensive chronograph though.

A watch for impressing the in-laws

image1xxl For those gents out there that are at that stage when you need to impress people, your watch could help you get the girl. A smart, leather strap design is a sensible and sophisticated option which looks just as good with suits as it does with clean and slick denim.

All of the big fashion brands have a great selection of leather strap designs – I am especially impressed by the Gucci and Hugo Boss selection.

A watch as a great birthday present

17920507_1There are vey few men that will not receive a timepiece as a birthday gift from a loved one at some point in their life. If you are approaching a milestone birthday (21/30/40) it may be worth putting some soundings out there about the type of watch that you are looking for.

We have all seen those Patek Philippe adverts so we would recommend investing in a real timepiece – the Gondolo design is only available by showroom appointment, which says it all really.

A watch for the truly bling

9519394Excuse me for the stereotypes but many a young Asian gent loves a bit of yellow gold. If you are one of those guys, go all out and go for a solid gold watch. It’s sure to get you noticed and do what a diamond engagement ring does for women. I am currently obsessed with TAG Heuer Aquaracer which features a superb 18 carat yellow gold accent and a beautiful midnight blue dial. Superb.

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