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Indian Restaurant London: Chakra Restaurant Review

A place to entertain business clients that are Indian food connoisseurs
With its white walls and cushioned seating, Chakra is a pristine setting in keeping with its location in trendy west London. 

Halal Restaurant London

The meat is halal bar the lamb chops so there is a wide choice like black cod and curry patta burrata. With it being an Indian restaurant, there are nine vegetarians mains including tarka daal and matar paneer. Menu: 157-159 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LF, 020 7229 2115.

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The garlic scallops are soft with a nice garlic dip while the masalafied surkhi jhinga tiger prawns are well done.


The Bengal fish curry has a traditional home-cooked taste and goes well with the matar zeera pilau rice, while the Jalandhar chicken is creamy and has a nice kick to it.

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The lemon cheesecake with coulis and berries is quite hard to chop up but is filling. And with the heavy dusting of sugar it is one for those with a sweet tooth. The poppyseed cake with vanilla custard is warm and filling and is like a fruitcake.


The Notting Hill passion fruit mocktail is worth a try.
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