Why you should invest in a luxury watch

We have all been there – wandered past a store window, stopped an looked lovingly inside and lusted after what is behind the glass. For women, its shoes and bags. For guys, it tends to be watches. Often it is the financial costs that hold us back, but there are lots of potential benefits that come from owning a luxury timepiece, including investment and of course style. 11 There is one thing that a watch must do. Beyond looking great, it should tell the time. Luxury watches (including brands like Patek Philppe and Audemars Pigeut) employ highly skilled craftsmen to ensure that this never a problem. Whilst mass produced watches are typically made in factories, a luxury watch can take up to ten months to two years to be manufactured. A well-crafted watch should accurately tell the time for decades and require a minor tune up every 5 years or so. Reliability is also an important factor when buying a luxury watch – take a look at some of the key sports watches, aviation models or water resistance designs to see what we mean. The watch as an investment piece is perhaps the best reason why we would recommend getting one. Often made of precious metals, you need only look at the increasing value of gold to see that there is a long term value in investing in the right pieces. If designed right, the look will never go out of fashion and collectors will pay thousands of pounds for an Omega or Rolex that is decades old. Luxury-watch-3 Of course, the way that it looks is also important. If you dress well, wear the right shoes and look after your skin and hair it makes sense that this leads to being a guy that appreciates timeless luxury. A luxury watch looks fantastic with a smart business suit or a tuxedo and can be a powerful status symbol. They display subtle wealth and class in a way that a car or a coat could never do. A fellow aficionado will appreciate it and will be lead to believe that you understand and appreciate refinement and the finer things in life. Lastly, for guys, they can be a wonderful heirloom to pass from father to son. A tasteful timepiece never ages and only increases in value over the years and a watch being passed down, is the perfect representation of  a man’s duty to look after his family.

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