Items you need to banish from your wardrobe

Trends come and go. Its very easy to find something that you like, that is on trend one minute and to slavishly commit to wearing it again and again. Sometimes (at the start of a new year especially) its worth having a little wardrobe cull and throwing away items that are just not cool anymore. Here’s what we think you should be saying goodbye to in 2017 …

Deep V-neck T-shirts

asos-fog-tshirt-with-deep-v-neck-product-1-12006975-433277694 Remember when Geordie Shore and TOWIE were super popular and the so called trends that the stars of the shows wore, somehow became trends? Well one of those trends were V-neck T-shirts. Yes we know that we have been working on your chest and you want to show it off, but exposing half of it (especially if you have a round belly) is not the way to do it.

Drop crotch joggers

black-asos-asos-drop-crotch-sweatpants-with-quilting-screen A trend best left to the young. Although even the young will want to heed our warning. Without a doubt, these can look OK when standing against a wall in new sneakers on Instagram but the wide leg makes them incredibly uncomfortable to wear, make it hard to walk and even harder to just get on and off the sofa.

Winter shoes in summer

espadrilles-for-men-black-canvas-soludos-dali There is a reason that we have seasons. Summer is when it is warm and winter is when it is cold. As such, it makes sense to wear summer shoes that are comfortable and easy to get around it when its warm out. It makes no sense at all to wear espedrilles in the winter. It’s a trend that we have seen and we really don’t like. Please don’t do it.

Christmas Jumpers

image1xl Only to be worn during the month of December and even then, only until Christmas Day. We have been shocked to see men sporting these in the post-Christmas holidays. Don’t be that guy – wear a plain sweatshirt and a nice pair of jeans instead. What do you think of the items we recommend to ban from your wardrobe? Tweet Taj. For more great menswear article, see the below:

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