Jay Sean Interview Mistress 2

Jay Sean Interview

Courthouse Hotel is one of my favourite spots in London. Nestled perfectly between Oxford Street and Carnaby Street, it's a great escape from the madness of the West End and Christmas shoppers. On this occasion it offered sanctuary to a record-breaking artist who I have been following for over a decade; the multi-talented Jay Sean, back in the UK to promote his new mixtape, Mistress 2.

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Jay Sean - Cash Money, Mistress 2 & Down

In an interview with Entouraaj, Jay first explained why he had decided to leave Cash Money Records. The same the label that had brought him worldwide recognition with the release of the single "Down" featuring Lil Wayne. "It just wasn't right for me in the end. In the beginning it was great, we got a lot of success but it was just my pop material that was getting the push." "I had to make a conscious decision to go, [that] I'm okay with not doing this any more." The 35 year-old clearly still has a passion for R&B and assures me that this new mixtape, Mistress 2 is his best work to date, offering something less commercial and truer to himself. "Yeah, I’m sure all artists say this is my best one, but I’m so excited about this."  "Nothing on the Mistress 2 is that blatantly obviously gonna hook you in like that [the song "Down"]. This is not fun and uplifting, this a mood, you will get lost in it. That’s how I wanted to picture it."

Jay Sean's Body

His passion for music is perhaps only slightly outweighed by his passion for health and fitness. It was difficult not to notice the huge transformation in his physique. Jay carries around a packed lunch wherever he goes and will work out every day as part of his normal routine. "I actually really enjoy health and fitness. I wanted to push myself to a level in terms of my physique, I wanted to take it to a next level. Indians - we have really bad genes, we have the worst genetics. You don't normally see that many ripped Indian dudes." "It's hard for me, I used to be a fat kid so I have to be careful about what I eat. I work hard at it, [so] I am very regimented when it comes to my training and eating regime. I usually eat about 300g of protein a day and I actually don't have any protein shakes. I try to eat as much whole food and real food, as much as I can. I usually drink about a gallon (4.5 litres) of water a day."

Jay Sean on Jay-Z, Rishi Rich, Juggy D & his fans

Having spent 6 years in the States, I'm surprised to learn just how passionate Jay still is about his fans in the UK. He tells me this is one of the main reasons he decided to release the Mistress 2 mixtape in the UK first. "Because my fans from here  made me, they are the ones who own me, they can claim me." "If it wasn't for those people, I wouldn't be here. So I had to come back and be like you guys get this first."

Jay then went on to explain that the one artist, dead or alive, he would love to collaborate with is Jay-Z and jokes that he might get a break as they shared the same barber in New York. "I know there is no amount of money you can pay Jay-Z to work with you. He doesn't need it." "He would only, I feel, go on someone's song, if he thought genuinely, this deserves my name on it. So if he came on one of my songs, that would be a massive compliment." "Believe it or not we have the same barber." I'm like [to my barber] why don't you take my mixtape with you and play it slightly in the background [when you're cutting Jay-Z]!... (laughs)."

The collaboration of course fans want to see is with Rishi Rich and Juggi D, to reunite the Rishi Rich Project which Jay was part of and renown for tracks like "Dance With You" released in 2003. He tells me that a collaborative album is on the cards but refuses to commit to a release date. "It is gonna happen." "Time lines are a risky business. There's a lot of legal reason why these gets stalled, it's not because of the artist. This is the reason I left a major, because its so crazy like that." "I'm not gonna give you a timeframe!... (laughs)."

Jay Sean on his style and clothes

As I began to wrap up the interview, it was apparent to me that Jay's taste in clothing is still very much influenced by his British roots and he discloses that Zara is still one of his favourite stores. "I shop at a lot boutiquey places, but then even places like Zara do amazing stuff. Believe it or not there are so many things I have bought from Zara that is my staple go to." "[I'm still] Very much European fashion, even though I live in America."

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