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Karen Karch Dog Tags

Dog tags are a fashion accessory that never really go out of fashion - mainly due to the fact they can be worn for the majority of occasions and transfer seamlessly from day to night. A vast amount of 'celeb men' are wearing them at the minute, from Ryan Gosling at film premieres to Zayn Malik on a daily basis. It’s so easy to go for your bog standard high street dog tags, however most high street stores have been mass producing the same tired out dog tags for years; which is where Karen Karch comes in. Her highly acclaimed fine jewellery have been gracing the celebrity world for over two decades and with A list customers like David Bowie and Megan Fox, it makes us wonder why we haven’t seen much in the form of Karen Karch accessories here, on UK soil. SmallPolishedDogtag 2 Karens pieces show evolution within the jewellery world, with simple and timeless designs they are given a modern if not futuristic twist with their varied textured finish. We’ve all seen from the recent London Collections: Men that dog tags are all the rage right now and if you’re going to get your a pair then I’d highly recommend making it a Karen Karch 'Legend Stacked' one! The tags come on a 21 inch chain with an 18k yellow gold tag and a blackened sterling silver tag. The ‘Legend Stacked’ rectangular dog tags are classic, cool and timeless but priced at an equally impressive $1,200. A cheaper alternative but no less appealing is the sterling silver option on a 20” chain priced at $850 - it’s the perfect sized accessory. And you can't get a pair of dog tags without personalising it. Get an engraving on either side of a name, date or personal message.
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