Kaushal Niraula

Whilst attending the London Collections Men shows earlier this year, I was able to see a host of new brands and designers who have something new to add to the menswear market. Of all of the labels that I was new to, it was Kaushal Niraula that I was the most impressed with.
Niraula aims to add charm and personality to your wardrobe...
Kasuhal-Niraula-London-Collections-MenThe Kaushal Niraula AW14 collection showcased in January as part of London Collections: Men Kaushal Niraula is still relatively new to the menswear scene. The British designer debuted his collection in 2013. The label’s approach to fashion can be summed up as classic designs with a contemporary feel. Niraula aims to add charm and personality to your wardrobe with clothes that are fresh, bold and daring. Kasuhal-Niraula-Check-Suit-Overcoat-Kasuhal-Niraula-Overcoat Kaushal Niraula AW13 What struck me most when I saw the collection was the unique approach to tailoring. Niraula’s range is hand tailored and is inspired by his multi-cultural background. He travelled between India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Dubai, Brunei and the UK from a young age. The colour and vibrancy of such an ethnic and well travelled life are evident in the pieces, particularly in the use of velvet and silk which are inspired by Asia and the Middle East.
...what makes Niraula stands out is that he dares to be different...
These influences work alongside the classic English gentleman of the Edwardian era, with pieces being cut to perfection. The pin stripe suits and smart pocket squares would be great work wear, whilst the statement blazers, particularly the beautiful peacock detailed Savoy jacket would be fantastic occasion ware. Kasuhal-Niraula-White-Check-SuitKasuhal-Niraula-Pink-Suit Kaushal Niraula SS14 Clothes made by Kaushal Niraula are grand in scope and luxury in their finesse. Each piece is a signature in its own right and the collection is constructed around the world using the finest fabrics. There are a small range of other tailors and designers that do tailoring just as well, but what makes Niraula stands out is that he dares to be different – with details such as vibrant pink which break away from the norm and conformed.
These are serious investment pieces that can be worn time and again...
Kasuhal-Niraula-Check-SuitKasuhal-Niraula-Print-Jacket The current Spring Summer 2014 collection features a wide range of blazers, trousers, coats, knits and accessories in vibrant shades and fabrics like velvet, wool, cashmere and silk, with the cashmere being sourced from Nepal, and the linen from Ireland. These are serious investment pieces that can be worn time and again and are worth the price tag. The statement blazers, coats and beautiful accessories deserve special mention. Kasuhal-Niraula-Pink-OvercoatKasuhal-Niraula-Black-Dinner-Jacket-Print Kaushal Niraula offer both ready to wear and bespoke by private order. Each piece in their range offers your wardrobe something different and beautiful. You can currently shop the range on the Kaushal Niraula website. Kasuhal-Niraula-Tie-CollectionKasuhal-Niraula-Scarve-Collection All images kindly reproduced with the permission of Kaushal Niraula.

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