Kent & Curwen x David Beckham

Let’s be honest, David Beckham is without a doubt one of the most stylish men in the world. He literally never looks bad. When he paints nails, you paint your nails. When he wears a sarong, you wear a sarong. And when he shaves his hair into a Mohican you do the same. Well, no you don’t. Ignore the last three examples. But you get our drift – over the last few years he has developed a dapper, casual yet refined wardrobe that works for him and is the envy of men all of the world over. So when he works with a brand to develop a new collection, we have to sit up and take notice. 57dd4a60a3e6a1474120288_orig He has now done just that – Beckham has collaborated with old school Brit brand Kent & Curwen on a capsule collection that hits all of the right notes. The brand has a heritage and tradition that goes back a long way and this collection has been inspired by all of that history. Its been created with a thoroughly modern man in mind, but a man that appreciates tradition and a sport influenced aesthetic. The collection features a number of autumn wardrobe essentials which are also Kent & Curwen staples. These include cricket knits and rugby shirts which have been crafted with a sharp and precise silhouette in mind (we doubt that David Beckham has much body fat) and really runs with the authentic, heritage vibe. Small but important eccentric English details have been taken to make the whole collection feel inherently English. 57dd4a7d90ec81474120317_orig A key feature of the collection is the way in which archive pieces have been brought back to life. They all have a lived in feel to make everything look original, worn and like they have always had a place in your wardrobe. One of the strongest emblems in the world (the iconic three lions) takes pride of place on T-shirts and rugby shirts and means you can look like the modern man that you really are, even when you are shouting from the terraces. Available from November at Kent & Curwen. What do you think of the new collection? Tweet Taj. Read more of our menswear style picks:

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